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  1. gunluster

    what's your intended use for your 308?

    Let's see.....When the government bans importation of firearms and ammunition the 7.62x39 will no longer be plentyful. Look at the prices of domestically loaded 7.62x39. It is not affordable. 308 is not cheap, but it is plentyful. Our military still uses 308. The last time I checked I don't think they field any firearms that chamber the 7.62x39 cartridge. The 308 is extremely accurate and effective way past the point where the 7.62x39 has give up the ghost. Besides....who doesn't like the bark of a Saiga 308? It's like small artillery.
  2. gunluster

    FN 5.7 Pistol

    what is the "good" ammo your talking about? I was almost decided for getting one of these, but now Im not so sure. The "good" ammo would be known as the SS190(32gr.), SS192(28gr.), and SS198(27gr.). These are restricted to law enforcement and government use.
  3. gunluster

    FN 5.7 Pistol

    I'm not a big fan of the cartridge. In its original form the round has some promise in the PS90/P90, but it is comparitive to a Ruger Single Six 22Mag revolver in the FiveSeven pistol. When the "good" ammo was taken off the civilian market that totally made the PS90 totally unattractive to me. I have had trigger time with both the FiveSeven pistol, and the PS90 carbine. They were both accurate, and recoil was just about nonexistant. I have no faith in the ammo now availible on the civilian market after an occurance at Knob Creek. My friends and I went down to Knob Creek Range in West Point, KY. for a meet and great for another forum. We had been shooting bottles of Tannerite out at 75 yards. The rules at Knob Creek limit the placement of Tannerite at 75 yards or further. The targets had exloded reliably with .308, 7.62x39, and .223. My friend with the PS90 asked me if I wanted to try to hit one of the last bottles of Tannerite with his gun. I accepted of course. My friend and I had just finished zeroing in the PS90, and I was rather confident of my ability with it. I fired at the bottle. Nothing happened. I know that I hit the bottle, because I saw it tumble. When the range officer called a cease fire we went down range to look at the bottle. I hit it. The bullet hit the bottle about an inch and a half from the bottom. Here's the kicker....It didn't penetrate the "plastic" bottle. You could tell that bullet hit the bottle and grazed a path from the point of impact towards the top of the bottle like it followed the side as it knocked it over. We were shocked. I sat the target back in place and when the line was hot again I shot it with a 16" Bushmaster in .223 and it went boom! I will not, and can not, reccomend the PS90 because of this. As a side note.....I just noticed that the photo for my avatar was taken at Knob Creek the day that I described in my post. Is that a coincidence or what?
  4. I have 3 Sig Sauer P226 9mm pistols, so it was logical for me to buy the Kel Tec Sub2000 that takes Sig P226 magazines. I have had the little carbine for quite a few years now without any problems.
  5. gunluster

    Surefire 308 Mags?????

    I have 4 15-rdrs and 2 10-rdrs - from NJ - and never had any issues with any of them, in fact they r quite dependable and solid. They got lifetime warranty. For better prices look around on the net and at business members of this forum, although with shipping it would never be below $50. But, to be honest, I bought these a year before ccsspecs developed steel mags. Now, I will only buy his. I have sold, and I own quite a few of the Surefire mags with no problems to date.
  6. Even though this is spun-up propagana. I can see some truth in it. I keep reading about how the people of this country are going to rise up against this, but I have taken a new route on this. I do believe that the election was an out and out sham. We the people don't mean jack shit at this point. If you look at the current chain of command in this country it is set for the destruction of our government, our economy, and our way of life. The only thing at this point that is going to change anything is something on the scale of a military coup. That may sound somewhat radical to some, and down right unconstitutional to others, but it is going to take a complete culture shock to set things straight. A pure form of law and order will prevail. Through this our Constitution will survive. I hope and pray it will not come to this. If only a contingency of senators and representatives would rise up against party lines our republic might be restored. I believe an open rebelion by the people would end in the death of freedom, because all of us that would defend it will be destroyed. Sounds a bit far fetched, but soap will not get that target off your back. This isn't a frontal attack.
  7. gunluster

    Anybody know anything about the TOZ 122

    Yep, I have one. Mine was imported by PW arms. I haven't fired mine yet, but plan to soon. It is extremely well made with a chrome lined bore. I'm a 308 junkie and just had to have one. Well, I got to fire my rifle on Tuesday(5/12/09), and it is a great handling firearm. My initial sight-in was at 25 yards to get my scope adjusted. From there I went out to 95 yards. I had a poor rest and still shot one inch at 95 yards. This was with Magtech 150gr. ball ammo. I had some Isreali ball with me, and it did not like it. It has Bushnell Banner 3-9x40 scope on it now, but seeing what the rifle is capable of good accuracy it has a Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40, and a bipod in its future.
  8. Your UTG parts are not made in the USA, so they do not count as 922r compliant parts. A Surefire tri-rail forearm is American made and will help you with your parts count. I'm not totally sure, but I think the combination of the Tapco T6 stock, a Surefire magazine, and the Surefire Tri-rail forearm will get you legal. A total conversion with a Tapco G2 fire control group, a Tromix(or other) triggerguard, an American made pistol grip, and separate buttstock would get you there for sure. I already purchased the UTG quad rail, so I have no use for the SF tri-rail I guess you had better get an American made gas piston then............
  9. Your UTG parts are not made in the USA, so they do not count as 922r compliant parts. A Surefire tri-rail forearm is American made and will help you with your parts count. I'm not totally sure, but I think the combination of the Tapco T6 stock, a Surefire magazine, and the Surefire Tri-rail forearm will get you legal. A total conversion with a Tapco G2 fire control group, a Tromix(or other) triggerguard, an American made pistol grip, and separate buttstock would get you there for sure.
  10. The barrel and gas tube will still flex regardless of the receiver material. If you look around on the internet there are some great slow motion films of the AK firing. It is incredible how much the rifle flexes.
  11. The Saiga line of rifles and shotguns are most likely the best firearms out there for the money. Look at the price of a Ruger Mini-14 compared to a Saiga 223. No one here can convence me that the Mini-14 is worth what they are selling for these days. High cap mags for the Ruger don't work well, and the rifles aren't that accurate either. Saiga rifles and shotguns are incredibly reliable. The chrome lined bores of the Saiga are a big plus, and makes them a snap to clean. Accuracy of the Saiga series of rifles has been far better than what people expect from the AK type platform. I have had a few(7.62x39 and .223) that shoot 2-3 inches at 100 yards with optics. This has also been with Wolf and/or Barnul ammo. It can get better with domestic ammo. I have a Saiga 308 with a 16.3" barrel. It has only had 50 rounds put through it. Most of that was testing the Surefire 20 and 25 round mags for functionablity. I have yet to have time to shoot it for accuracy. I have had several Saigas over the years. One thing I have had to realize when it comes to the AK platform and accuracy is that the entire rifle flexes when it is fired. The weight of the gas piston, bolt carrier, and bolt make the action flex during the recoil process. There is no way around this. Unfortunately, accuracy is affected by this too. There are very accurate AK type rifles out there, but most of them are what I call "AK Hybrids". Rifles like the Sig 552, the Valmet, and the Galil fall into this catagory. I have a Romanian PSL(their version of the Dragonov). It is just an AK action on steroids. A Saiga 308 with the 20.8" barrel that I put together for a friend absolutely outshot my PSL. To be fair he was using Lake City match to my Sellier and Bellot brass cased 7.62x54, but he flat put it on me! I centered and leveled a Belarus low scope mount, and mounted a Bushnell Trophy 4-12x40 with millet rings. A few patches with a small amount of J-B bore compound were run through the barrel during the break in period. This combo continues to be accurate to this day. Hope this answered some of your questions.
  12. The land lays a lot different here in Southern Indiana than it does in the Northern part of the state. The scenery is more rolling, and we have hills and trees. The Northern part of the state is too flat for me.
  13. Clyde and his brother are good people, and good customers of mine. I actually have a good number of Saiga's in stock right now although I did just sell my last Saiga 12 today. Until recently we have sold more Saiga rifles than shotguns, but that has changed drastically. The advent of the drum magazines for the Saiga 12 have tripled their sales here.
  14. Give this guy a cookie! You got it! As a matter of fact I run the only gunshop in Scottsburg, and know the guys at RAA quite well. They don't sell direct to me as they only sell to distrubutors. That kinda sucks since they are so close. I have to get most of my Saigas from a distributor in Texas when RAA is just a couple miles away. Someone mentioned those guys in Boonville......I've met them. I don't quite understand their thought process. If it wasn't for the Saiga 12 they would not have a basis for their existance, but they bad mouth the guys at RAA. It doesn't make any sense. To put it mildly....The guys at RAA have come to me on two occasions for help with warranty repairs. Both times it was due to faulty ammuntion(case/head separation), and not workmanship. If the owners of those rifles knew how to use a broken case extractor there would not have been an issue. I cannot say enough about the Saiga line-up of firearms. I've sold a bunch of them, and I own a few of them also. I guess one other good thing about RAA is that they have put Scottsburg on the map....LOL Jeff
  15. Of course...I'm new here, but I just might be from a little ol' "Burg" in Southern Indiana. I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count....LOL