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  1. Bringing the world of Customer Service back to Life!!

  2. One last thing, yes the whole point of the contest was to give back some of what you guys have given to us in a fun way. I also wanted to invite all to explore our website. Everything you see on the website is in stock and ships within a day or two depending on how busy we get. If you ever have a question, feel free to pm me or give Adam or Lisa a call at 678-660-2000. Our hours are 9am to 7pm EST. We extend to 7pm to try to catch some west coasters. Thanks to all who played and coupons have been pm'ed to the winners. Jeremy
  3. Whats crazy is that Nailbomb found them all first but as a Moderator decided to let them go...What a cool guy
  4. You did find it!!! Congrats and I will send you your code shortly> This ends the games for the weekend. It was fun. I will see what else I can come up with. Thanks for all of the support to everyone here. Saiga12.com is one of the best decisions that we have made!! Thanks Jeremy
  5. O.K., with Fridays winner of DaveM of 20.00 for being closest and Diamonback hitting the number of 999 and winning 50.00 this will officially be the start of Sunday's post. Hidden in our website is the number for sunday. Be the first to hit it and win 50.00, be the closest and win 20.00. Good Luck!!
  6. Diamondback won the Saturday game with the exact number of 999. He wins a 50.00 coupon to our website. Now I don't know if it was luck or if he found it. Here is where it was hidden in the website. Congrats Diamondback, I will pm you a coupon code.... AK Grip Screw and Bushing Click To Enlarge Item #: AK06211 Manufacturer: Tapco Availability: In-Stock * Marked fields are required. Qty* Price $7.99 Adjusted Price $7.99 This new production grip screw and bushing is a replacement for the original AK grip screw. Product Specifications: Screw Length: 4" Package Includes: " 1 A
  7. Thanks Jeremy! I will look forward to the PM and doing business with your excellent company again! Thanks for Playing. I sent you PM with the coupon code
  8. DaveM with 327 was the closest. He wins a 20.00 coupon! The number was 334 and the messeage on the website was hidding in the fuzz suppressor item. DaveM, I will pm you a coupon code. It is now 8:10 am and I will start the Saturday game. If you guessed up to this point then you can guess again. It is not running from 12:00am to 12:00am but till I can check it in the mornings so around 8:00??? Let the Game Restart Now after this post.... Thanks, Jeremy
  9. O.K, I am usually running some kind of weekend special. Not this weekend. This time just for fun I am saying guess my number. My son and I play this all the time in the mornings. Here are the rules: 1) I am thinking of a number between 1 and 1000. 2) You are only allowed to guess 1 time per day (Fri March 12, Sat March 13, & Sunday March 14) 3) The person who gets closest wins 20.00 to be announced on the following day. (1 coupon per day to be given) 3) If you Guess the number you will win a $50.00 coupon for our store!! I will then change the number and restart the c
  10. I have installed a lot of security camera systems, I would highly suggest www.apexcctv.com. They have everything you need and if you call and talk to John or Nelson they will help you work out exactly what you are trying to accomplish. I did have one project where I wanted to grab license plates and they were able to do it at a reasonable price.
  11. Call Adam at 678-660-2000 or email him at adam@peachstateguns.com. He handles all of our Cali stuff and can help you locate one. Jeremy Peach State Guns
  12. Just wanted to put this in the promotional forum. Use "saiga12" in the coupon section of our website to receive 10.00 off your order of 50.00 or more. thanks, Jeremy
  13. Thanks for the Advertisement guys. I would also suggest the Saiga and we do have them if you are interested. Please feel free to call us at 678-660-2000 to discuss. Also mention you are calling from saiga-12.com. Thanks, Jeremy
  14. I would like to thank everyone for suggesting Peach State, and also for reminding the members to buy from sponsers even if you don't use us. I can tell you that 349.00 is the best deal that we can do. If you want free shipping with us as a member please use coupon code sagia12-fs. This coupon has no experation date and is good for all purchases of 50.00 or more. We are also a member at calguns.net and will ship to CA. Thanks again!! Jeremy
  15. Just watched the video, very impressed with William Kostric. The way that Matthews was yelling it would have been really easy form William to lose his cool. I hope to see more of this. In Georgia, we are not allowed to open carry to public events. I thought we had it good down here, but that just shows how they slowly take away the rights!!!!
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