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  1. Thanks for your reply. I was out of Vepr game for a while... could you point me to the right vendor who has the parts that you mentioned?
  2. What's the cheapest & easiest way to comply with 922r so I could break the weld and have folding stock Vepr-12? Cheaper the better... yes, I'm cheap
  3. Oh my... where did you get the coupon?
  4. Yeah... $119 seems a little steep to me as well. I might pick up some more 5 rounders.... Any source for cheap factory 5 rounders?
  5. so.......... like he said it does come with TWO (2) magazines from the factory.
  6. Do you have a link to that 10rd Molot mags?
  7. I was afraid to say that too... For the same amount you could get a Vepr-12 w/ genuine Russian folding stock. The folder is built like a tank.
  8. Why Vepr-12 jams with heavy optic mounted on its top rail? I've seen some of the video and it looks like Vepr-12 doesn't like some optics on its top rail. I searched the board and couldn't find the right answer. Any thoughts?
  9. I think EC4321 answered your question already.
  10. You don't really need to grind it down. The weld is so weak you could just tap the stock with rubber hammer and it will open up. I already see a crack on my weld... Of course, I wouldn't go further without proper parts first.
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