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  1. That is really cool. But what we really need, and what should be first on all of our lists are HI-CAP mags. Cheep...HI-CAP mags...that work. very nice work...very nice Swordfish
  2. It's strange...I gotten a lot of stuff from FAC and it's worked just fine. When I did have to speak with them, the customer service was great. I fact the worst, by far was from KVAR. It was a defect with a new rifle that I had ordered from them. When I called about sending it back for a replacement, The "lady I spoke with told me I was wrong and that that it was impossible for a SAM-7 to have a problem because it was inspected 3 times before it left the factory. IMPOSSIBLE she said... I think, ..she didn't speak english very well.
  3. On all of my conversions, I have used athe FCG bought from Tapco. The safetys have never been a problem {fitting the bolt holdbacks have been a pain in the ass, but not the safety, Just get a new safety. I once used one off a SAR-1 and it works fine. You have to remember that the AK is a crude wepon made to spray bullets and to be repaired with ease in the field. There is a lot of room for play. Just do what you have to do to make it work and make it safe. Swordfish
  4. You might try putting in a blackjack recoil buffer. It will keep the bolt carrier from slamming all the way back and might keep the top cover latch from moving. ?? Cheep fix...
  5. Just my thoughts, take them for what they are worth. I have owned both Cetmes and Saigas. I now no longer own any Cetmes. They are crap. I guess you could get lucky and get a good one..... I've tried 3 Swordfish
  6. Shoots great...always works
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