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  1. Thanks greg! +1 for you as well! GLad you liked them - they are a great source of info! enjoy!
  2. That's fine - there was a buyer waiting for that one behind you, so it's still sold! thanks!
  3. I've marke the blue face as sold for you sir, thank you! BAckpack and CAmera still available!
  4. Message sent, and items marked as sold to you pending funds sir. Thank you!
  5. A few special items for the collector... [sOLD PENDING FUNDS] One pre-WWII Russian E-tool. This has gone through a LOT - possibly the winter war, possibly the lapland war, Definately WWII, possibly the continuation war and it could have even gone through the Afghanistan war. A pretty rare piece of history - this one has seen a LOT of action and/or use. The edge has been completely sharpened, and has many, many small dings and scars in it's edge - This is the way it came to me. includes canvas belt cover. I took a picture of the worst of the dings, but I've always considered this more of a
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but IZMASH is still under bankruptcy and that issue has not bee resolved yet in Russian courts, ergo no NEW rifles are being manufactured? isn't THAT the actual issue?
  7. I've got an extra that is stink-free, and came that way. A lot fo them do stink though. The trick to getting out the smell is that is *may* have bee exposed to mildew - basically a fungus - so you need ot get it into HEAT and SUNLIGHT. The back car window does the trick after several days, usually. then a quick febreeeze and it;s gone.
  8. OK, I'm holing TWO units for "predator/terminator" I've got ONE unit for "123mustang123" and one unit for "shandlanos" ALL SOLD pending funds. thanks so much guys!
  9. predetor/terminator; You had messaged me saying you would take some, but didn't state how many of the sets? 1? 2? 3? 4? I don;t know. I PM'd you, but got no answer. I need to know so I can mark off waht I have and don't, and like wise, know what I can and can't sell re: what I'm holding for you. Please let me know bro, thanks!
  10. Thanks bro. I didn't ever get any form AIM, and didn't even know they shipped thiers in a case - I thought they were just selling the mags? Mine were from a small importer, a one man op.
  11. No. I bought these like two years ago. Aim surplus DID have some at one time, but are sold out these days. As a show of good faith though, I will gladly match their price if you want!
  12. I have FOUR packages of VZ58 7.62X39 mags for sale. Each package is an original Czech leather magazine pouch, which contains four VZ58 maagzines. The pouch and magazines are surplus, so they bear some wear on high spots and edges, occasionally some small rust spots on the followers [easy to clean off, and the rest of the mag is aluminum so no other rust is present]. All is as would be expected of a surplus mag. All are 100% funtionable. All Need cleaning, and have some grease/cosmo in them. These were checked by me and then stored, so they are as I got them. FYI - These do NOT have any USA
  13. basically, it retains a "normal" AK sighting iron system and has a "no tools required" installation, and should fit every AKM and AK-74 patform out there. zero is retains because the rails is held fore by the sight block, aft by teh trunion, and side to side bu teh over fttig over the receiver edges. Not absolutely better, just differant - which is why I was asking around about it. I'm going to try to compare it to a TWS dog leg and see if there is any performance differance.
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