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    Shooting, hunting, fishing and a great fall day in the Rocky Mountain wilderness!
  1. Please start out with 2 round mags, most states limit shotguns to 3 rounds total capacity for hunting. But for play 8, 10 or 12's would due.
  2. Mine has a 19" barrel and I feel confident with the pattern out to 40 yards. I use a choke adaptor and an extra full. One of these years I may try a special turkey choke. Lots of vendors on here that can set you up for birds. Since this picture was taken it's now got a hogue grip. Sounds like those 22" full choke barrels hold a great pattern.
  3. Thanks for the rail info, I'll have to measure it. The mount is from CCS, link below. I did shim it with some flashing under the rear of the scope ring but as it raised up the V groves on the sides of the pic rail canted the scope to the point where the windage alignment was to far out (as the elevation came in the windage went out). At that point I gave up on the shims. Did I place the shims where you were thinking? http://store.carolin...-PROFILE/Detail
  4. I purchsed new a quick detach scope mount for my S-12 and installed it with a red dot scope. I took it out to site and pattern it getting ready for turkey season (taking the kid out in a few weeks). The red dot is adjusted all the way and it's still hitting ~10" low at about 15 yards. I gave the mount a good look and it doesn't seem to be bend out of shape. I mounted the red dot on my AR and had no issue getting it to align. With the gun in a vise the scope has plenty of adjustment range. It seems to me the issue is either the new mount or the positioning of the quick detach rail on the S-12. The rail hasn't been moved from the factory. I'm kinda thinking the problem is with the rail positioning and not the mount. I never had the rail off, is there slop in it before the rivits are crushed? I'm thinking I need to drill out the rivits and reposition it. I figured I'd get some input from the forum before getting into that. Anyone else have an issue like this? I'm open to suggestions.
  5. I'd like to see them come out with a line of full rail covers. I've searched the Hogue site over and over and don't see any rail covers listed. I think they'd compliment the Hogue AK grip nicely.
  6. Any idea when more of these will be in stock? http://www.saiga-12.com/proddetail.asp?prod=EFS-S12'>http://www.saiga-12.com/proddetail.asp?prod=EFS-S12
  7. Oh yeah, turkey and small game round these parts. You folks down by philly got some different laws than most of the state.
  8. I liked reading the responses. Keep them coming! With a bow it was on my first bull elk on my first time out. I ended up getting a cough that I couldn't hold back for the dam. Found a heavily used trail crossing and sat there for a few minutes only to have brow tine bull come in sorta downwind. I was kinda pressing it by taking a 40 yard neck shot but none the less I connected. He did a backflip and layed on the ground spinning circles with his hinds. Stuck him again for good measure. With a rifle I ranged a mulie buck at 400 yards with about 45 degree upwards angle. I touched the first one off crouched down behind a small rock and with the scope wacking me in the forehead I wasn't sure if I connected. Yeah, I felt and tasted the blood running down my face. He was still standing so I sent another off at him and that took him off his feet. When I got up there is when I noticed I really didn't need the second shot but I was happy with the outcome. That's my first and only hero picture with a ringer oozing blood. I'd do it again though!
  9. hick

    Sling Me

    I slinged mine for hunting with a standard AK sling and quick detach mounts. Front has a QD rail mount adaptor and the rear has it built in to the DPH stock. It would be nice if the front rail had the QD hole built in. I was suprised how well it rides on your shoulder with a 2rounder in.
  10. After my Dad died my cousin ended up with my grandfathers luger he carried in WW2. I got a few old shotguns I have no history on. When it comes to $$$ I guess it balances out but that's not the point. My father really cherished that luger.
  11. We shoot a 1/2 plate at 550 yards, a friends 7mm STW will blow throu it at that distance but my 7mm rem mag doesn't. I would think a 300 RUM hot load may blow throu also. I'm not sure if it matters to you how fast it gets wore out. I have no idea what kind of steel it is, just a chunk of scrap. We also made spinners with 1/2" rebar framing. Our next try at that we'll use a longer arm to get the axel farther away from the target. The 1/2" rebar didn't hold up to getting hit.
  12. For me it's mostly self defense and a fun gun. I did shoot a nice gobbler with it last fall and will be taking it for spring gobbler in a few months. Maybe this time I''ll take a decent hunting picture clearly showing the S-12.
  13. +1 here to. Although I do like Hogue products in general I'm also not liking that lower design.
  14. I was bowhunting elk in the flattop wilderness that day. About midday some wrangler came running a horse down the trail looking for us. He told us a vague discription of what happened in NYC and PA. His boss sent him out to let folks out of touch with the world know what was happening. Got a radio out and did our best to hear what was going with what reception we could get. Packed a bull out a few days later and that's when we seen it on TV and really got a jist of what happened. I'll tell ya that was a long drive home that year even though we tagged out. I still get bent out of shape when I hear them rag heads put us down and hide behind their religion. Yet we still welcome many of them to this country. All I could say is support our troops through the good and bad. Thanks for the service SI.
  15. The first rifle I ever bought was made by HOWA for S&W at the time, model 1500 in 270 Win. No problem wacking woodchucks at 300 yards. It's 25 years old now but I hear they're still making a good rifle. I have no regrets.
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