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  1. +1 for towerofpower93 a good buyer.
  2. Tired of this snow and more coming %$#%!#%!#%

  3. +1 towerofpower93 great buyer. recommend him
  4. Have sold most of my Saiga parts, can't seem to edit my post so here is what I have left and prices. Add $5 for priority shipping. 1- NIB trxsgp35 Tromix Saiga Fire Control Group $35 1 NIP ace-akara grip adapter allows AR grips to fit Ak $5
  5. I have the following new parts for sale, all for a 12 ga. Sold my Saiga before I ever had a chance to use any of them so my loss your gain. One black magazine was taken out of the package and inserted in the gun but never shot, all the other parts are still in the wrapper they came in. The part numbers given are Carolina's were I bought the parts. I want to sell this as a package deal for a good price. I'll take $250 with free shipping conus. 2 Surefire clear 12 round mags 1 Surefire black 12 round mag 1 Surefire black 10 round mag 1 trxsgp35 Tromix Saiga Fire Control Group 1 Gunfixe
  6. A307


    Where there any NoDak factory guns or were they sold as recievers only? Are they good anything to look out for? Idid the search thing and came up with nada.
  7. How about using a countersunk screw in the larger size ? Or maybe really off the wall but would a rivet work? I know it can be tig welded without hurting anything.
  8. You should go back over your personal rules of engagement, specifically what circumstances may you legally employ deadly force? Most places to be within the law you must be or reasonably believe you are in danger of losing your life or the life of some other person. By pointing the shotgun at someone you are for all intents using deadly force. Conventional shotgun bean bag rounds can be lethal as noted and they are also notoriously inaccurate especially as distance increases. I've toured a factory and seen them being made and have shot them, I wouldn't bet my life on them. They have a spe
  9. Get some stuff called Aircraft Stripper, it will take off any finish easy and not hurt the metal underneath. Sold at WalMart and other stores.
  10. MMM. I hope all you guys picking out your pc gun to use and then searched the internet for the most effective ammo to use against a poor minority youth just trying to get in from the cold. don't get thrown in prison for using that ammo. The ex prosecutor already said he would go for us if we used a non pc shotgun so imagine what they'd do when they confiscate your computer and find that you've been looking a balistic jelly pictures!!! Better to just grab your ankles and let the intruders have their way with you rather than face prison for using the wrong ammo or heavens forbid a combat wea
  11. +100 Ed was a Marine Pilot in WW2 and served this country honorably and died broke because he trusted the wrong people and he gets no respect. Farah seemed to be a decent person and gave me a lot of tension relief. I'm so sick of the non stop coverage of MJ and all the apologists and every washed up celebrity getting their air time declaring what a great talent he was. And that fuckwad Geraldo announcing that MJ was not guilty and never molested any children. What a waste of oxygen he is. I never saw any talent out of MJ except when he was a little kid novelty act. Other than tha
  12. I'm too old for the military now but pic 4 has me fully deployed.
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