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  1. Hey all, I've been nosing around here in the forum and there are LOTS of great looking shotguns for sure. I'd like to eventually get either a S12 or a VEPR 12 and then have it cut back to make an SBS. I have seen some really great looking Short Barreled SAIGA 12's and a couple VEPR's. I'd like to ask you guys that have VEPR's that have SHORT BARRELS to post them so the rest of us can enjoy them. I'd like to see more to compare how they look to the Saiga 12's that I have seen. What do you all think about the comparison? Would you rather have the S12 or the V12 in SBS configuration and why? Thanks and lets see those pics. Nalajr
  2. If I wanted to end up with something close to the one I posted, what would be the easiest and most economical to start with, the S12 or the VEPR 12 and why? Thanks Nalajr
  3. Thanks Beefcake, I was mainly wanting to know if something like that could be done at home and without the use of a PRO. Not saying I would, just gathering info right now. I would let someone else handle all the Tax Stamp stuff. I wouldn't want to make a mistake in that area that would cause me LOTS of headaches. I looked the other day on one of the gun sales sites and saw several "custom" S12's that were priced over $2,000! Many were WAY OVER. After you take away the $700 for the S12 that means that they are charging up to $1,500 for the parts and work they done to it. That's a lot of money for me. I am just trying to get an idea of how much of that S12 that I posted above could I realistically finish on my own. The more I can do, the more I save and can put it towards other "toys" or work on the project. LOTS of stuff to learn before I would even attempt something like this. I am pretty sure I could do the basic conversion. I've watched a few videos on it, but I still wouldn't go out and attempt it without more knowledge though. Is there a resource on these S12's that you would recommend me checking out to learn more like manuals, customizing web pages, video takedowns and modifications and stuff like that? Thanks for the advice and any other help you all can give. Nalajr
  4. Hey all, Seeing these really great looking S12 and S20 shotguns that have been tricked out to be as awesome as possible, it makes me want one that much more. I know there would be things that I simply could not do myself. I either wouldn't have the know-how or the gear to do things. When that time came I would send it to someone to complete. I am wondering how difficult it would be for me to get a S12 and start customizing it? For those that do these things themselves, what kind of information can you tell me about such an endeavor? Is it something you would caution against and just say that you should send it to someone and have it done and wait till you save up the money to get it done right by a pro? Here is the S12 that I would LOVE to have someday. I am wondering how much of this I could do myself and save a lot of money that would go toward the completion of the shotgun by a pro. This belongs to another member here and I apologize for using his rifle as an example, but this is the one that I REALLY like and would love to have one like. Naturally I wouldn't copy it to the letter, just the overall look and function is what I would be going for. From what you see, how much of this S12 could be done without that much difficulty by someone that eagerly went about learning the details? At some point it would have to go to a pro to get the stuff done that I wouldn't be able to do and the legal stuff taken care of too. What do you all think? Would a project like this be something that could be done, mostly, by someone in his garage or would it be totally WAY over his head and best not attempted? I'd like to hear what you think about a build like this one and how hard it would be to do. If the owner wants to come and tell about this Baby, that would certainly be welcomed. I'd like to know how much he done on his own and how trying it was to do. Any info or comments you want to add about a project like this, or me wanting to do some of the work, would be appreciated. Thoughts?? Thank you for your time and any help you care to give me. Nalajr P.S. I apologize if this is a totally ridiculous question for a NEWBIE like me to be asking. If that is the case, please forgive the mistake.
  5. I see a lot of questions about the 922r law on shotgun forums. I don't pretend to unerstand all the ins and outs of it and naturally I would comply with any and all firearm laws and wouldn't counsel anyone to do anything different. Wnever I read about the law and the technical aspects of it, I always wonder about the enforcement of it. Here's a story that may be interesting to some of you. Back during the height of the AWB under Klinton I had some kind of questions about getting a Suppressor or some such thing and I called the local ATF office in Kentucky. After getting my questions answered, I asked about the AWB and the magazine ban and so forth. The agent I was talking with was a nice guy and told me to call this other guy in the Cincinnati office and he could answer any question I wanted to ask about the gun laws. So I called him and started talking. I asked about the AWB and it's enforcement. I then asked him a simple question. I asked him if he and a couple of his fellow agents wanted to go out and do some target shooting at the local range and they ended up beside a couple of guys that had what appeared to be a few weapons including handguns, AK's and AR's. I asked him what he and his pals would do if they saw the man and his buddy take out a few magazines that were HiCap and CLEARLY marked LEO only and started shooting with them. They had more than a couple of them. He kinda laughed and told me that he would simply go over to the guy and introduce himself as an ATF agent and remind him that his magazines were against the law and that he should remove them and either destroy them or take them to his local PD and turn them in to them. I asked if he would arrent them or charge them with anything. He simply said NO WAY, not for something like that. He said a lot of people simply don't understand the breadth and depth of firearms laws and that he would explain it to them and let them make the decision on how they wanted to proceed, but they would not arrest the men. I was rather surprised by this and his comments. He then told me that he didn't know of a SINGLE instance NATIONWIDE where someone was charged and prosecuted for an illegal Hi-Cap magazine or having a "prohibited Assault Weapon." I was just stunned by these comments. He told me that if they nailed you in some other kind of Felony like dope dealing, bank robbery or other serious things like that, that they WOULD tack on the hicap magazine violation or the illegal Assault Weapon and such to get more time put on you. Take that for what it's worth I'm sure things are not the same today with the agents as it seems a great many LEO's, both federal and local, are all too eager to charge you if you are in violation. Still, I would be willing to bet that there has not been a single person that has been charged under that law because their shotgun didn't have the requisite number of American made parts in it. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. How would they know? Are they gonna see your Saiga 12 at the range and say "hey there, bring that weapon over here. I want to call my firearms expert and then thoroughly examine it to make sure you are in compliance with 922r and if there is but 1 single part that is not legal, you're going to jail right here, right now." I would be willing to bet every weapon I have or ever will have that 90% of BATFE agents couldn't look at non-compliant parts and recognize them as so. These are the kinds of "crimes: that get added onto you after they get you for something else and they use the 922r as a way to get you into Federal Court and then take away your right to ever own a gun again. Just my opinion. I am pretty sure I wouldn't worry one bit about making sure my weapon, if I had one, had all those comliant parts in it. Nalajr
  6. Hey all, I don't come here very often and when I do it's because I have the strong urge to get my very own SAIGA 12 or a S20. I've never shot one, but have handled a few and liked the way they shouldered and felt. Just about everything I've read about them is VERY positive, especially the custom Saiga's by Tromix and a host of other talented shops. What I would like to get your thoughts on is whether you all consider these shotguns to be the IDEAL Home Defense shotgun currently available today. I don't ask if they're PERFECT, because no weapon is that good. Are there any negative aspects of these shotguns that gives you pause or even concern about using them as your only HD shotgun? Are you TOTALLY, 100% content to have no other shotgun in your home available to you in an emergency? For me, the major concern that I think of when the S12 shotguns come to mind is that unwieldy magazine that hangs out the bottom. That, and the other BIGGER and even more awkward mags it uses, cannot be comfortable to move and conceal with. Seems as though it would be difficult to be stealthy with it as well, especially in the dark and under a great deal of stress. Like the kind of stress that you'd have if your life was possibly going to end or be impacted in a very serious and permanent fashion very soon. Those mags seem like they would make the weapon clumsy and easy to bump it into walls or get it caught on door edges, furniture, clothes or whatever might be in your way at that time. I've never handled one with a loaded magazine in it so I very well could be 100% DEAD WRONG. I hope I am cause that would make it much easier for me to convince myself to get one. It's the magazine issue that is what is both it's strongest quality and it's weakest point when compared to the traditional style shotguns we've all grown up with and used for decades and became comfortable with. If you happen to be assaulted by a horde of PO'ed Hell's Angels that mistake you for a MONGOL that ripped them off, then the S12 with those mags are the BEST SHOTGUN possible to have at your side, no doubt about it. I just don't know how comfortable I would be with it knowing that to get the total benefit of them I would have to use those BIG magazines. Maybe I am making a mountain out of a molehill. I'd like to hear from you all about this system and the questions I raised. I'd really like to be able to handle and shoot one, but I don't think my local range rents one. Maybe some shop here in Houston has one that I can rent and shoot and maybe I'll even get extra lucky and they'll have one in SBS cause that's how I would want mine if I ever get one. Also, if you don't mind, please address how well the S20 would work is that same role as compared to other typical shotguns. Would you rather have a S20 or a nice Mossberg 935spx, Benelli M2 Tactical or Remington 870 Express Tactical? I wouldn't mind having an S20 in SBS configuration either. Thanks everyone for your time and help. Nalajr
  7. Hey all, I don't own a Saiga 12, but I would like to. I know there are very popular and I can see why. They look awesome and they run and run and run. One thing that I am not clear on is the magazines in a home defense situation where a LOT of stress is on you. It seems like those LONG mags are unwieldy and cumbersome, as does the drums. It looks like a standard pump or semi auto with a standard extended mag would be much more maneuverable and less likely to hang up on railing, furniture, corners or anything that you'd likely encounter at 3AM in the dark when you very well might be facing a life or death situation in a few seconds. What are your thoughts? I am not criticizing you all or the weapon, I am merely wanting to learn more about it and it's use in a HD situation. What magazines do you all use in the one that you keep for that purpose? Of course pics are always encouraged.. Thanks for the info and help. Nalajr
  8. Hey all, I am new to the Saiga having never shot one and only handled one a couple of times. I have admired them in the past though. I have been thinking of getting a new shotgun for home defense and maybe some fun on the range. I also would like to try the 3 gun stuff, but that would be a ways off and would not be the reason I buy a shotgun. I'd like to ask a couple of questions if you all don't mind. 1. I don't think I have ever heard any really reliable info on whether the Saiga 12 and 20 gauges can handle the low cost boxes of practice ammo available at Wally World and other places. I know some of the autos like the Mosst 930SPX will handle it pretty reliably after you get them broken in. That's what most of the owners post anyway. How does the Saiga series do with this practice ammo? Are there any issues or are they like their cousin the AK and will handle anything without a hitch? 2. When I used to read about the Saiga's a while back I recall reading posts from owners talking about when they left the full mags in the gun without anything in the chamber, as in a home defense situation, when they would inspect the top round the hull would be flattened from resting against the bolt carrier and this would cause less than ideal conditions for reliability in a HD situation. The hulls were "out of round" I guess and wouldn't feed properly. Is there any truth to that? Can one load a full mag, insert in in the Saiga and leave the chamber empty with the bolt forward and not locked open and just sit it in the corner for what might be a couple months or more and be able to walk in, retract the bolt and be totally confident in the cycling of that weapon? Thanks for your time and help. Nalajr
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