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  1. Alliance refunded me the $200. I still payed way too much in $450 for what I got. I should have waited for Tromix....
  2. This is the stock that is on there. I hope it is the right one?? http://riflestocks.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=69&products_id=351
  3. I usually do alot of research, but this time I didn't. That will never happen again. I have to get to the cabin relatively soon here to get some ammo through it. My luck, there will be an issue. I will just order the correct stock from Ace. It will be muh quicker that way and then I will have two stocks....
  4. That was the problem. I didn't get an official quote. My bad. It is OK because I will know next time and I will never do business with them again.....
  5. A couple more pics of my semi-auto gun cabinet.
  6. Let me start off by saying that I was unaware of the shady deals that Alliance was running before I sent my gun to them. I saw the topic with MD about a week after I sent my gun to them. I decided to give them a chance. First off, they told me 3-4 weeks. It took them 8 weeks!!!! Second, they quoted me a price of $370, next thing you know, it is $450. Apparently they can't use a calculator. Third, instead of charging my credit card $450, they charged it $650. I initially ordered the reliability kit, but after reading the posts on this forum saying that the reliability kit was a joke
  7. What is wood funiture hobbyshooter?
  8. From what I was always told, if something looks to good to be true, it probably is. This stock looks really easy to install. Are there any downsides to it? The price is right.. My Saiga is stock for now. I just took a 9% paycut at work, so my modifications will have to happen slowly. Thanks for the info, great site
  9. crazy Z

    What's up??

    I just picked up a Saiga 12 today. Quite an impressive gun.
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