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  1. lframke

    Bead sights?

    I ground down the front sight flat them made a fiber optic sight. I soldered it to the original front sight stub. Works good.
  2. lframke

    slip on recoil pad easy to slip off?

    I coated the inside of mine with rubber cement. It still comes off but not as easily.
  3. I used the spray foam to fill mine. I had enough room in my hollow stock to place two PVC plastic tubes inside before injecting the foam. In one tube I fitted for a mercury recoil reduction tube. It can be slide in or out with the removal of the butt cap. The other tube I use to house a SHTF emergency shell.I pad the butt end of the shell with foam rubber, between the shell and butt cap.
  4. lframke

    Surefire Mags and Magazine well

    Your best route is to contact Jack Travers by phone. Jack is fantastic to deal with. He WILL solve your problem.
  5. lframke

    Surefire Mags and Magazine well

    If the magazine is modified the way the directions and pictures describe there should be no problem. Of course if its done WRONG it won't work right. I have not read or heard of ANYBODY having a problem with the Mag Well when installed properly. It helps to grind the lower rings just inside the mag insert area of the receiver. This makes mag entry a bit easier. It would have nothing to do with ejecting the mag. If your Gunsmith removed too much material from the mag it can usually be fixed by re-building the area with epoxy or JB Weld.
  6. lframke

    gun wont fire the second time

    I had the same problem after my conversion. I installed the Texas AK double hook trigger. I also installed a competition trigger spring. I had to push the trigger forward with my finger between shots to get the next round to fire. I changed the trigger spring back to stock and still had trigger reset issues. I watched as the trigger cycled and saw the trigger was not releasing from the disconnect. I filed and polished it and now the problem seems to be solved. After I get some rounds down range I may try the competition trigger spring again.
  7. lframke

    magwell question

    WRONG mind set! The use of the magwell makes the Saiga perform better. If not, why install it? You will not RUIN your magazine, you will improve it.
  8. lframke

    S-12 tromix double hook FCG?

    I wanted to try a double hook trigger. I bought the Texas AK trigger group. I did the mods to make it work, I'm pleased with the results. I have never used a Tapco TG but find the Texas AK to be a very high quality trigger group.
  9. lframke

    Rob Rez christmas give away!

    29 is the number.
  10. lframke

    Trigger main spring

    If you mean the J/T Engineering Trigger spring, Yes I have the reduced power and the standard power springs. I have the standard power spring installed now. Fits great works just fine.
  11. lframke

    Magwell Adaptors

    Call or write Greg at Carolina Shooters Supply or contact Jack Travers at J/T Engineering. Either person will steer you in the RIGHT direction.
  12. I used 2 part Epoxy for plastic since the mags are plastic. I have had no issues after applying it. I never tried JB Weld on plastic so I don't know how well it adheres to Plastic.
  13. Put my name in the hat but, I used 2 part Epoxy on my mags when they did not fit just right. Put it on where you think the slop is, then file it down a day later VERY slowly, testing the fit after every SMALL filing. Use a marker on top of the Epoxy to see where the high and low spots are as you try a fit the mag. When you get close( the mag locks in tight but won't drop free without a tug)stop filing and insert the mag about 10 times. That will usually be enough to wear it in perfectly. This worked on my 12 round Surefire black and clear mags. If you just gotta get rid of it, send it my way.
  14. lframke

    Question for surefire magwell owners.......

    If there is not a HUGE grease/oil stain on that beautiful upholstery you don't use enough on the gun! If you lubed it properly someone is SURE to kill you!