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  1. Oregon, huh? I'm in Albany. I was wonderin' if someone was close that I could get soe custom mags done from. I heard M14 mags worked pretty good too. What's te best mag to convert?
  2. I actually like the trigger pull on my Saiga .308, it isn't too bad, I'd really like to get a short barreled one and do the PG conversion with a converted 25 or 30 rd mag. .308 bullet hose!!! GAHHH!!!
  3. So, what's the skivvy on putting a Saiga 7.62x39 trigger group in a S-.308? It would be nice so that the trigger pulled a little more back instead of up. So, can it be done?
  4. So what's with the Galil mags? Can they be easily converted for the S-.308? By the way, where did yo get that pistol grip and butt stock? As soon as I can find a 16" S-.308 I want to PG it, and that's a helluva nice PG. Oh yeah, where can I find that fore grip too?
  5. Hey fellas. I've seen some cool conversions to the pistol grip on Saiga .308s, but nothing has struck my fancy. I was thinking that the only way I'd do a conversion on my 22" S-.308 is if I could find a nice enough wood thumbhole stock that matches the wood on my fore end. So, here's what I'm looking for: Wood thumbhole stock, preferably with a butt pad, that fits on an AK/converted Saiga. To give you an idea, I included a picture of the Saiga .308-2 with the thumbhole stock. If somebody has the stock from a Saiga .308-2 or just a Saiga .308-2 altogether, that would be nice too. Thank
  6. I deffinitely hear ya on that one. I'm not fond of the term "assault weapon" either. I mean, they call semi-automatic rifles with a pistol grip and hi-cap clips assault weapons, but what about a semi-automatic shotgun with 8 in the tube that shoots 50-70cal slugs? Couldn't that "assault" someone too? Pretty much anything is an assault weapon if you wield it right. The term "assault weapon" is a joke.
  7. Yeah, we all know anything could be called an "assault weapon." I mean, you could technically assault someone with a baseball bat and call it an "assault weapon." I just meant that that's what the configuration is called.
  8. I've got a question about ammo in general. Is all military ammo usually ball ammo? And is there a difference between heavy ball and light/medium ball? I kind of had a question about South African .308 ammo also. Does anybody know what grain it is and if its heavy ball or or light or medium ball ammo? I had some Australian .308 that fired pretty damn good through my Saiga; it said it was ball ammo, but I'm not sure what type of ball ammo. Any info would help.
  9. I've always liked longer barreled rifles just because of the higher velocity and the ability to sling a bullet a little farther and really test the range of the ammo. But at the same time, you can't beat a short barreled rifle, especially in an assault weapon configuration, because of the ease of wielding and the tendency to sling as many bullets out there as the magazine will hold (ie - bullet hose) Long barreled or short barreled rifles are both fun to shoot, and when it comes to the Saigas, it seems that they would both be pretty even, accuracy wise. It all comes down to a personal pr
  10. I heard somewhere that shooting any bullet over 150 to 160 grain in semi-autos could do damage to the bolt and bolt carrier. Has anybody else heard of this?
  11. I have no clue, but I'd really like to know too....
  12. I use Aussie surplus cuz I got it cheap (200 rounds in a metal case on stripper clips in bandoliers for 30 bucks). I haven't shot the South African stuff, but I heard good things about it. Mainly that it was on par quality wise with the Australian stuff. Other than that, I haven't had any experience with anything else.
  13. Ok, I need a straight answer on this 'cause I've heard several different things on this forum about it. Which is more accurate, a Saiga .308 16" barrel or a Saiga .308 22" barrel? I heard (and we can all agree) that the longer barrel has more velocity than a shorter barrel. I then heard that the longer barrel is less accurate because the gas piston jars the gun before the bullet exits the barrel, and also because the longer barrel flexes more or something. I'm thinking, "plausable, but where's the evidence?" I mean is this something someone just "hypothesized," or is it actual fact? F
  14. You scared of the cops now? Tell the cops to F off if they show up. They're public servants. They should get you a glass of water
  15. Well, the way I see it, I love my S-.308 22" wood sporter very much. So much, in fact that its become my main hunting rifle (its still fun to target shoot with it too), and I'd never dream about changing it. The trigger pull ain't too bad at all either. I deffinitely agree with GOB about larger caliber feeling a little bit better in a sporter config. I was thinking about getting a S-.410 and putting a pistol grip on it, and I'm dead set on getting a S-7.62x39 to convert it just so I can have a cheap and reliable Russian made AK-47. After that I might go with a short barreled S-.308 to con
  16. Hey fellas, got a bit of a question here. Whats with all you guys going crazy converting all your Saigas to pistol grip? I can understand the 7.62x39 model, and I can see the need if you happen to have two .308 Saigas to convert one to pistol grip. But doesn't anyone like the feel of a traditional rifle anymore? Is there one person who has kept the sporter stock on at least one of their Saigas, or have you all gone the way of the assault weapon?
  17. Yeah, I know what it says on their site, I'm talkin' about has anybody had the courage to try and make it work. Like you know, taking it to a gunsmith and having him modify it? Oh yeah, and can someone answer my first question about the 922r law?
  18. As far as I can tell, from reading about Saigas on many different websites, and from personal experience with my Saiga .308, is that the barrel is a lot thicker than on a generic AK. You standard Romanian AKs, your ASR 1s and WASR 10s all have a reletively thin barrel compared to the Saga. A thicker barrel does help with accuracy when firing continuous rounds. Saigas have some very nice improvements over standard AKs. I suggest that you invest in one, you won't regret it.
  19. If you go to http://www.kalinkaoptics.com/cgi-bin/kowst...k&link=mainpage to get tutorials on how to adjust the side rail scope mounts. They also have a nice selection of mounts and rails and all that good stuff.
  20. When I bought my Saiga .308 the shop I bought it from threw in a scope mount and scope in with the gun. I don't know what other mounts are out there, but the one that I got is the Izhmash brand one with the arrow in the triangle symbol on it. It's a universal mount that will accept scopes with 1" tubes. But like KySoldier said, I doubt if I'd be able to get more than a 50mm scope on it.
  21. Yeah, I just talked with my gun guy at the shop, and he said pretty much the same thing. It kinda sucks. So, 922r says that you can only have a maximum of 10 forein parts on a gun? I thought that provision only applied to guns that were already designated as "assault weapons," and I know that the Saiga rifles are all designated as hunting sporter rifles. If you put a pistol grip on your gun does it actually "transform" your gun into an assault weapon, thus being put under provision 922r? Not to bombard everybody with questions, but I keep hearing that you can't use the RSA adjustable t
  22. That's wierd, I thought the Saigas already had the right amount of parts to be legal in the states. I mean, I bought one. It shouldn't be illegal to simply change the stock on my Saiga, no matter what kind of stock it is, thumbhole, or pistol grip. Especially since the Assault Weapons Ban is over, it shouldn't matter what kind of stocks I put on my guns, should it?
  23. Allright, I don't know if these questions have been asked before, but I need to know. I see a lot of you guys converting the shorter 16" Saiga .308s to fit with standard AK furnature. I have a Saiga .308 w/ 22" barrel, but I like my wood stock too much to convert it. I did deffinitely like the assault weapon look, though and was thinking about getting either a 16" Saiga.308 or a 16" Saiga 7.62x39 just to convert it, and was wondering how you would go about doing that. I was actually wondering about the whole conversion process, and what had to be moved and whatnot. I was on the offi
  24. When I bought mine, I had two choices: 22" wood, or 22" synthetic. I went with the wood; I like the longer barrel anyway. I've always been of the mind that a gun with a longer barrel should have rifle furnature (traditional rifle butt stock), and a gun with a shorter barrel should have assault weapon furnature (pistol grip, short butt stock). That's always seemed the most appropriate and traditional way to me. But whatever the configuration, I have to admit, nine times out of ten, a wood stock looks better than synthetic. Especially the wood stocks on the Saigas. Their synthetic stock
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