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  1. Bravo 26

    Best source for bulk 7.62x51 ammo?

    Dang. Remember the days of the 25$ battlepack at AIM surplus? -Sigh-
  2. Bravo 26

    Received my Drums

    Mike, got the drum. you are the fucking MAN!!!! nice job on the instructions too... really helped my dumbass out. thanks bro!!
  3. Bravo 26

    Tracking # Received

    # EV-308 ships tommorrow, trackign # recieved tonite. Mike, after they all ship out, go take a vacation bro...you been hittin it HARD the last year. In the meantime, I'll drink one for ya!
  4. Bravo 26

    Tracking # Received

    I'm # EV-308. (insert mr. Burns' voice) EEEEXcellent!
  5. The new rangers are just as reliable. I bought an 03 Edge model in early 2003, it still kicks ass despite having 150,000 miles. never any major problems, just routine maintenance and she runs great!!
  6. Only a matter of time before the "rich white folks" get angry and actually DO something to subhumans like these "Knowhatimsayinyo?" I served for 10 yrs in the US army. 3 deployments. I got out and went to work for Fulton County, Atlanta GA. I used my weapon more times there than in 10 years of service. I left fulton county a year ago, and now work in north GA, and have not had a problem since. do the math on that one. all the "rich white folks" are eventually going to tell the rest of the race-baiting, class envy, welfare FUCKS out there to kindly fuck off and die. Let them live in the shit they have created. they deserve nothing less.
  7. Bravo 26

    Want to play a game?

    1996 FTW!!!!
  8. Bravo 26

    poor mans urban sniper

    SKS with Tech-Sights, proper USGI sling, good clean ammo and a good wooden stock will absolutely smoke man sized targets aout to 300yds all day long. We have a 20" steel plate at our range at the 200yd line, and me and my father regularly bang the hell out of it with my sks. lots of fun. Just do your part: trigger control, breathing, proper use of the sling, natural point of aim, follow thru and call your shot.
  9. Let me see.... Welfare Brood Mare living with 6 kids (probably from 6 different babydaddys) in a crack house Police raid house after obtaining legal search warrant, more than likely after a buy-bust to support it Said welfare momma gets smoked by the raid team, live in boyfriend crack dealer is arrested. baby gets hurt. sucks the baby got hurt, but other than that, I'm fine with this outcome. The momma knew what was going on, and knew it was dangerous, and CHOSE to stick around. Hell, she was more than likely selling too. Lets get Jesse and AL, and the new black panther party in there and stir the pot some. I'm running out of good tv to watch at night.
  10. Friend of mine suggested taking a few dozen batteries of MLRS vehicles, lining them up outside the MS13 held barrios, and letting fly. I'm liking that suggestion even more.
  11. Bravo 26

    Beretta 92F compensators

    I've seen them go for as high as 100$. I'd pay that if I could get my hands on a quality example ( IE not sportsmans guide style trash) -Bravo 26
  12. Bravo 26

    Best choke setting for 3-gun?

    Howdy Folks! Bravo 26 here, back after an extended hiatus...I've been doin some 3-gun shit down here in GA and want to know from the 3-gunners what choke you run with, and why? thanks!
  13. Bravo 26

    Never call the ATF

    Wow. just..I mean WOW... WTF? How in the nine hells did we get to the point where we have forum members actually threatening to call the goddamned BATFE on other members???? I spent the better part on a hour today reading all the posts about the fucking boogeyman in the form of an S-12 drum, and the guy that actually has the nuts to make it has been threatened with everything from personal bodily harm, to legal action, to calling the fucking ENEMY to "make him stop,make him stop!" no matter WHAT happens, calling these power hungry fucks will only result in a negative action to our already eroded firearms rights...sure they may do it anyway, but for fuck's sake people, dont HELP them do it!!! Mike Davidson: I think what you are doing is probably a bad idea, (cool as hell, but ultimately unwise) yep, it's legal, yep, you have the RIGHT in our capitolist nation to do it, and I wish you all the luck in the world, but ultimately, you are bringing attention to a sleeping dog, that for now, BATFE has agreed to let lie for political expediancy. BVamp: This is YOUR house, so YOUR rules apply, and all should respect them..if they dont agree with your rules, then they should leave. I have always seen you as a pretty reasonable guy based on your posts, but I think calling the ATF was crossing the line, man.. I have no doubt that you are absolutely convinced that you are doing the right thing, otherwise you wouldnt be doing it, but damn..calling the feds? I just cant wrap my little lizard brain around that one...that's just poking the bear with a stick..now they will probably "review" the AGP 10 rounders again, and the importation of the russian 8 rounders, maybe even throw the 922r compliance thing for this weapon right out the window..why? how? doesnt matter to them..."Stroke of the pen, law of the land" sound familiar? ALL: Do you folks not realize that there are people in Moveon.org who do NOTHING but cruise the gun forums, looking for just this type of shitstorm, so the brady bunch can use it against us? do you not realize that the fucking ENEMY is everywhere? all around us? watching everything we do and post about..these fucktards scan every thread they can just to have something to call ATF about in the 1st place, and the biggest goddamed thing we can manage to do about it is whine about why our rights are getting raped every day, and then offer to drop the fucking dime on someone we dont agree with..well fuck that..that's not my idea of people I want to hang with, online or IRL. MODERATORS: PLEASE DELETE MY ACCOUNT. I WANT NO PART OF A SITE THAT HAS SENIOR MEMBERS AND MODS CALLING THE BATFE ON OTHER MEMBERS. PERIOD! You may not agree with Mike's decision to make drums, hell I dont..but it's his right to do so, and it's legal, so tough shit. I did not threaten to SUE/kick thier ass/ call the goddamed BATFE on the Akins people for fear of my 1022 getting pwned by uncle sam, I default to FREEDOM every time. last word for me folks is this: Thank you for the info I have gotten off this forum, it's been a pleasure and I have learned a lot. But the behavior I have seen as a result of this issue is NO different in my mind than calling the cops on my Neighbor because he has a "mean looking assault rifle" and "you shouldnt be able to have those" Therefore, I'm outta here. There are LOTS of other sites out there to paly around with at lunchtime. Take care all! Bravo 26
  14. Damn..that's cool as hell! MANY a case of PBR was consumed watching those old slicer flicks in high school...memories..
  15. Think she cant get elected? Two words: Nancy Pelosi Yup. the sheeple are stoopid enough to do it. Hell, the majority of the people voting nowadays are either to stupid to be allowed to vote, or arent even citizens. we have Muslims in congress, CAIR calling the shots on TV and in Government Schools, Liberals running the media, movie industry, newspapers, and Colleges. we are fucked.