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  1. anybody got one on a converted S12? Where is the best spot to hook it to so it balances right? Thinking about ordering one to try it out.
  2. is a bolt a good item to keep as a spare? what other wear items would be good to have? star pistols are sweet, basically colt tooling, made in spain.... but where did that come from?
  3. jayb


    That movie is awesome!!! I recomend it. Still tring to figure out the the air powerd thingie was and why his "silencer" sounded like a laser beam!
  4. anybody try these? http://www.grafs.com/product/235886
  5. Hmm, that is an interesting one cobra. I might have to consider that one. I am talking about this one... http://www.tapco.com/proddesc.aspx?id=3835...42-c6aa62cf8691 I guess I am mistaken on the name, on a certain vendors website they called it a "folding T6" but I guess that is incorrect since it is refered to a "folding AK" stock on the tapco site. The cost is around $50
  6. If you have a Tapco AK folder or T6 folder please help me out... can you rack the slide with the stock folded? can you shoot with the stock folded? what is the butt like? is it all hard plastic or is there rubber there? any slip on recoil pads fit on there? I know there is one for the adjustable t6 for around $10, not sure if it fits the folder. solid when locked? other reviews?
  7. Thanks guys, ill keep the shorts for the pump. I just boult them to experiment with. The 2in 00bk centurions add 1 extra round in a tube mag so you can roll with 10 rounds in a tact pump. The 1 3/4 slugs let u carry 11, very low recoil and accurate @50yd. Not all pumps will cycle them either, winchester does while a mossberg wont. of course in the saiga mag they dont serve any purpose anyway.
  8. What exactly does this thing do? Is it like the gunfixer but you can take it off faster for a quick cleanout? enlighten me
  9. jayb

    Stock Options

    Looking through the pic thread I noticed very few rock the TAPCO T6 - AK Folding Stock for Stamped Receivers, mostly the ace one. Is there a reason? If you are on a budget anything wrong with the T6 folder or should I go with the T6 M4 style?
  10. Oh yea, should i stock up on 3in shells? Any benefit to them? Reliability issues? 2 3/4 seem most common.
  11. I have some 2in centurion and even some 1 3/4 aguila slugs, any experience? A pump eats them fine, not sure they will cycle a auto.
  12. YES! haha Thanks. I need one of those shirts
  13. I have just been reading tons of old posts, last night I came across one and I cant remember how I found it but it was someone doing graphic design work and they had some cool shirts with s12's on them and phrases like "when eveyone needs to be killed.... twice" or something like that. There was a link to a site in the same post, all about preparing for the zompocolipse, what to read, what to have etc. it was awesome anybody know where to find it?
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