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  1. I'm definitely going to look into the four piece. I need to do a little more research on them. They seem like they might be kinda hard to find. Anyone else have something different on their Mini's? Anyone else with experience with an FSC or four-piece?
  2. How much louder does the FSC make it? Quite a bit or just a little bit? Does it help with flash supression on your Draco? As far as the 4 piece, do you think it may cause the gun to be overgassed? From what I understand it can help with reliability because it creates significant back pressure.
  3. I'm looking for a muzzle attachment that will reduce muzzle rise and (if possible) tone down the Mini's fire ball. I've been doing a lot of research on the Primary Weapon Systems FSC47. It has had a ton of great reviews, but all reviews were with the attachment on full-sized AK's. My concern is the FSC47 making the Mini already loader than it is. Or pissing off the people next to me at the range ever more! Does anyone have any experience with this attachment on their Mini? Are there any muzzle devices that would be considered better or more appropriate? Thanks for any help!
  4. After doing more research, I'm leaning back towards to full length Draco. It sounds like there are no replacement parts, such as the buffer, for the Mini. Plus, there would be replacement parts for the full-sized Draco.
  5. I'm kind of leaning more towards the Mini right now, but is the gas block made of plastic? And do they sell extra internal parts for that version?
  6. Do you think the prices will go back down? If so, I'd probably be willing to wait.
  7. Thanks for the link! I'll have to call/email Atlantic to see if they have any in stock. I tried just using "Draco Pistol" for searching, but every site I found was out of stock. If you don't mind, what description did you use for searching? Thanks!
  8. I'm looking for a Romanian Draco Pistol, but it seems like everyone is out of stock. Does anyone know where I can find one? I've seen a similar version sold by I.O. called a Hellpup Pistol. I found a few review that say they are not worth buying. Any opinions or a source for the CAI Dracos?
  9. The first thing you want to do is make sure that the tiny ball and spring are inserted in the bottom of the sight. These provide the detent when changing between sight settings. Next, insert the windage adjustment screw. Here you can see how the bottom of the rear sight fit into the windage adjustment screw. [/img] [/img] The larger screw, star washer and oval washer are used to hold the rear sight on the sight base. [/img] To adjust the sight for windage, loosen the large screw and turn the windage screw clockwise or counter-clockwise as needed. The elevation is adjusted by taking a pair of small needle nose plier and pushing in the two detents located inside of the sight barrel. Hold the two detents in as you spin the sight barrel either clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust elevation. [/img]
  10. Ok cool. I just ordered the front and rear sights and the rear sight mount. As far as silver soldering, what type of solder and torch do you use?
  11. Do you cut the front sight around where the red line is or where the blue line is? The kit that is sold by MAA shows a sight cut about where the blue line is. I couldn't tell from your picture where you made the cut. If you posted a tutorial that would be great! g3 sight.bmp
  12. Do you have any pictures of how you mount the front sight? And what is involved when using silver solder?
  13. If wanting a LRBHO, would it be a better idea to buy a new Izhmash S-12 with one already installed, or install or have one installed by Cadiz? Does anyone know what the differences are in the designs?
  14. Rickj427

    NEW SGL12-01

    Taking from the sticky "Why you should convert your Saiga": Intro: Your Saiga is made in the same plant, by the same people, and on the same lines as all Russian AK's. The 74's, the AKMs, the 100 series, etc, are all made at Izhmash, the Russian factory where Mr. Kalashnikov still works. Yes, the man that designed the AK-47 still works there. Now look on the side of your gun, it says Izhmash on it and has their arrow in a triangle symbol. Now is when you can crack an evil smile. Importation/Legality: In order to be imported into this country, it had to be neutered. It had to be in "sporting configuration" to be importable by law. That is why all the cool guns are made in the United States, or imported in a neutered form, or totally unavailable. The Saiga is only imported at this time, so they all start out with a conventional stock manner, which is NOT the way they are supposed to be configured. They put a plate over the trigger hole on the bottom of your receiver. Underneath that plate is the trigger, which has the lever part where your finger would go removed, it is just the mechanical portion of it left behind. So your trigger/sear, disconnector, and hammer are all in place where they should be. The problem is that the trigger you actually pull is connected to a bar... and that bar pulls the actual trigger. Ridiculous? OH YEAH. But it is how they have to import them thanks to our laws. It is 100% legal by Federal law to "convert" your Saiga to regular AK setup, which is quite easy to do. It is just removal of two pins, and your fire control group, which just slide in and out. The pins you need to remove are rivets though, so you have to grind their ends off to push them out. Then you need to get a trigger guard, either screw on or weld on, and put on your new furniture. Some states, I know Connecticut and New York are in this group, still have elements of the 1994 gun ban in their state laws. They say that any semi auto magazine fed shotgun cannot have a pistol grip below the receiver of the gun. Ruins your plans I bet. Well it didn't ruin mine. You can put on a one piece skeleton stock or thumbhole stock to get around that and still get great ergonomics. Once you do this, OR attach a magazine of over 5, at 10, or over 10 round capacity? edit this out later, you are putting your gun in a "non-sporting configuration". This means you have to comply with Federal law 922r. Yes, this means if you saw a gun store with a 12 round Surefire mag in their gun, they were breaking federal law. Seriously. Don't use it until you have the right American made parts in your gun, or you could go to jail. I'm not joking, and I am not mistaken. 922r: This law states that you cannot have more than 10 imported parts within a list of parts that are important. Check this website for easy check on this: 922r worksheet: http://www.thegunwik...erifyCompliance If you want to use higher capacity magazines on your Saiga shotgun, you have to replace other parts to make it legal by Federal law. Might as well convert, buddy. You're going to be replacing stuff anyway.
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