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  1. WOW!----thank you STIX213 for your very informed answer. also the flowchart which I will always carry with the gun from now on. I deeply appreciate your help. flintnapr The short answer is "yes" Saiga's are legal as long as they are not imported by "Kalashnikov USA" The long answer is: Yes, all AR & AK series firearms are considered banned assault weapons by the state of California, but the issue is... What defines an AR or AK series firearm? Fortunately for us, the courts have determined that we are too stupid to figure that out on our own!!!
  2. back to my orignial question-does this scope mount allow the use of the iron sights?
  3. I don't have the mount yet, but I had asked the same question before and was told it is to low to see the iron sights. So I am planning on getting the quick detach one, in case I have a problem with the scope and want to go back to the irons. whoa!!! when hunting, if you need the iron sights, you won't have time to take off the whole mount fer chrissakes! maybe just saw off the top rail, and use the side rail. who cares about being directly over the bore---I'm talking minute-of-deer here. the over-the-bore crowd is worried about the 500 yard shots in case they can't keep their paralax v
  4. I'm still wondering, does this scope mount allow the use of the factory iron sights? in the picture, it looks like maybe you would have clearance to see thru the iron sights at the lowest setting of the sight ramp. I'd like to know, because when deer hunting, I have found I need the iron sights visible via a "see thru" type arrangement on about half my shots.
  5. I'd been told ANY AK-type action was illegal in California, so I was startled to see a SAIGA .223 for sale in a sporting goods store here today.($500) Was I misinformed by my source (a relative)?
  6. I'd been told ANY AK-type action was illegal in California, so I was startled to see a SAIGA .223 for sale in a sporting goods store here today.($500) Was I misinformed by my source (a relative)?
  7. Does the 5th gen quick release one that is listed above, allow the use of the iron sights, or does the scope sit too low?
  8. hey- I was in ASA too, chinese linguist, early '70s. Okinawa, Thailand, Korea.
  9. thanks for the analysis,-----most commercial hunting .308 is loaded with 150 grain bullet. only one brand had 180 gr. I bet the twist is the reason why.
  10. I want to take my Saiga .308 20"bbl elk hunting. I can buy 180 grain or 150 grain bullets. I'd prefer the 180 for elk, as long as it is OK to shoot in the Saiga. Whaddayaguys think?
  11. Does anyone know the prices of the .308's? It looks like two models are for sale on Gunbroker for $359 and $449 for the Saiga-100
  12. as far as Sportsman's Guide goes, when they give you a backorder date, don't hold yer breath...I live in Minnesota, and deal with them frequently, and have learned that if it isn't in stock today, don't expect them to get hold of you if and when it does come in. by then, you are totally forgotten. even if you place a firm order pending. you need to keep checking with them and pounce when the stuff is in the warehouse. they have extremely high turnover rate with their employees, the whole operation is rather loose, you need to pay attention to the actual catalog number of what you want, if you
  13. I have, thru much expeience, evolved the following observation: if I have to think about it, REALLY THINK about it, and keep thinking about it, then I just shoulda bought it. if I didn't, I always regret it. the times I regretted buying something are so greatly outnumbered by the times I passed, and then wished I hadn't....and then time goes by, and even the ones I initially thought it was a mistake to buy, turn into good moves after all...time and an ever-rising market heals all. but failing to move decisively will always come up short.
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