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  1. Saw you guys at the show but you were busy with people finger fucking your guns so I only talked to RAAC. What do you guys think of the AR type guns he had?
  2. I think guess the order number that is the cut off for this first ~120 mags is a better game. Some ordered more than one and some did not complete their order so we really don't know where that number is yet.
  3. It is a really low on the cheek hold. Very heads up both eyes open and fast.
  4. I had the same problem. Just move the sight back a couple of notches; that is all it took to get mine to run. EDIT to add pic:
  5. JNJ International Inc. 5009 Mad River Rd Dayton OH 45429 US http://www.eveleta.com 1.877.851.8506 Fax: 1.877.851.8506 MD Arms, Ltd PO Box 13746 Dayton OH 45413 United States http://www.mdarms.com 937-520-5323 He could be selling oil and not giving us first dibs?
  6. Well I am asking then. and waiting
  7. WTF do you know what the ATF told Kevin. There is no law saying you must ask please! There is no federal law about ammunition feeding devices! This site is full of a bunch of asshats. You guys can not wait to eat your own. All it takes is one person to say "non sporting," to DD any shotgun. I suggest you spend your time and effort to make sure that person is sympathetic to us, not attacking firearms development.
  8. Wombat

    Saiga Reliability

    I bought 10 of them and they all work great load with 10 rounds, but if I load 10 +1 they jam every time (FTE)? Does anyone have a fix for this?
  9. Wombat

    AOW saiga?

    Washington's AG told the atf to stop all AOW shotgun transfers in Washington this fall.
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