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  1. "I'm fortunate enough to not lay on my death bed wishing I would have. It makes all of the things about the business that I hate worth it (paperwork, sales tax reports, the occasional customer who refuses to read and follow instructions and it leads to some sort of shipping debacle, etc.). I'm definitely not doing it for the money, lol. "

    Well...that's at least mostly true! There are  likely (especially in the Trump economy) many other things we could be doing to make a buck, and at the end of the day, along with taking care of our customers, we do need to eat,  and to feed our families.

    But, and this is a big "But" (pun intended), there is nothing more satisfying than delivering the absolute ultimate in whatever it is one does, and knowing that at the end of that build, you have absolutely "delivered the goods" for your client.

    As the economy continues to expand, there will no doubt be a great number of self styled "gurus" "instant experts", and snake oil salesmen showing up on the forum.

    The typical pattern is to: A). Write extensive posts building oneself up an absolute and unassailable "Expert", devoting particular attention  to one's unique "Genius" and "Extraordinary Abilities". B). Disparage, and tear down established forum vendors and regular forum contributors in a way that completely demeans and discredits them and their contributions to the community. C). While actively discrediting others, copy whatever it is they (the originators) are doing and (with emphasis) pass if off as their own. D). To promote/hawk/sell whatever it is they are attempting to sell/pass off at the expense of others.

    At this point the forum, its membership, and its management have separated the wheat from the chaff. The members, vendors, and forum staff who remain are those who are A). All of those who are truly dedicated to the platform, and B). Those vendors who deliver good value for money.

    The forum, and the platform around which it is organized have undergone a true "trial by fire", withstanding, a long period of political adversity, various con men, hucksters, and snake oil specialist (you all know who), assaults on the 2nd Amendment, political turmoil, and outright bans.

    Through all of this, we have remained a tight knit community united in patriotism,  a respect for the 2nd Amendment, and  true passion for AK platform firearms.

    My take is that  things  continue to get better from here. Anecdotally, we are are seeing a tremendous uptick in interest in interest in AK platform shotguns nationwide, and customers (throughout the US)  are enthusiastically voting for the platform with their guns and with their wallets.

    My customers today are bright, educated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, motivated, dedicated to 2nd Amendment rights, and affluent enough to commission exactly the work they want without compromises. This is a very, very good thing.

    I continue to do what I do because I LOVE what I do. I love the platform, and ultimately I need to pay my bills.

    Artist stuff.... Yep. For 30 years before I started building guns for a living (and ever since), I have worked as a designer, Silver and Goldsmith and have at it. My Jewelry work has been sold in the Smithsonian, Museum of Man, Museum of the American West, Autry Museum, Verkamps at the Grand Canyon, The Heard Museum,  and numerous art galleries throughout the US, and in Europe and Japan.

    Yep. I'm a real, honest to God artist who chooses to build guns. No brag. No bullshit. No self aggrandizement.

    Why do I do it? Because I absolutely love it, because I'm extremely good at it, and because my customers are willing to pay me what my time is worth for what I do.

    Honestly, I am absolutely blessed to do exactly what I love to do.















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  2. 18 minutes ago, kwesi said:

    Yes sir!  I doubt I would attempt any mods other than a fine file to smooth out a burr. I do work on other platforms.

    Does it seem odd that the stovepipes stopped, at least for 35 rounds, once I put in the low recoil forward recoil rod + the Gunfixr plug?

    If that works for you, stay with it!

  3. From the photos, the receiver actually looks pretty straight, unremarkable. Would have to have the gun in hand to confirm, but from the photos It does look like there is (at least) bilateral constriction of the carrier path directly at the front trunnion.

    Saiga 12 cycling issues are seldom attributable to just one factor. The guns are made from a combination cast, forged, machined, and milled parts,  and are assembled by hand at the factory, so cycling issues are not uncommon and can be fairly complex.

    As Anthony (Evl) has pointed out, receivers are often torqued in one direction or another from the factory, and this is a primary suspect (when all things being equal) a gun simply isn't cycling properly.

    IF mechanical constriction at the front trunnion is the issue, going after receiver geometry with a file is strictly "Appalachian Engineering". Don't do it.

    There's alot of DIY advice on this forum, and frankly among the gems, is a  vast minefield of absolute turds. The best advice I can give you is to proceed carefully and cautiously, and  if after doing your best,  you find yourself in the minefield, don't hesitate to contact a forum vendor for professional work.





  4. What you need to look for is any corresponding deformation on the barrel extensions, areas surrounding lug channels, around the outer edges of the chamber, and on the forward leading edge of the hammer. Pay particular attention to the "shoulder" on the right hand inner portion of  the front trunnion just ahead of the forward most edge of the RH carrier rail.

    For what its worth, it looks like the slightly deformed edge is rolled back from continuous contact over a long period of time.

    As Tony pointed out, poor factory fitment is most likely the cause. At this point, I doubt the wear on the bolt has anything to do with the cycling issues you're experiencing. 

  5. Haven't had my hands on one, but from the photos it looks like a clone of the Saiga Version 030, rather than a direct Vepr 12 clone.  Trunnions are Saiga AK type rather than Vepr RPK. Furniture  looks like it would swap out directly with an IZ-433 or Version 030. Many Vepr 12 parts will swap into the Version 030/IZ-433 with (bolt, carrier, safety, piston, LRBHO lever, and LRBHO parts assembly),  although Molot went through great pains to make sure that its dust cover was just narrow enough to make using  an unmodified Saiga 030 carrier impractical. 

    Legacy states that the gun will accept 922(r) compliant parts off the shelf, which is positive. However, I would recommend that forum members check with CSS before buying Vepr specific aftermarket receiver blocks, and quad rails for this gun. At the very least, you will need a Vepr 12 RPK type lower hand guard bracket to use standard Vepr 12 or RPK type handguards and rails. 

    Looking forward to tearing one of these down, and getting a first hand look under the hood.


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  6. Mike, how have the KS-12's youve been around holding up? What kind of round counts?


    Matthewstephen, have you heard from K-USA? Heres their chance to be a stand up company and get this sorted out.


    So far, every KS-12 I've worked with has been top notch. I've got one with several thousand rounds through it at this point, and the gun runs beautifully. Still very impressed.

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  7. Looks like the hammer's been profiled. Other than that, looks pretty standard. I'm curious about what if any other work has been done to the gun,


    As for the rear trunnion, I've seen this before on a Saiga that came in with the rear trunnion which had been run with several cases of 3" magnum shells on gas setting #2.


    We just replaced the rear trunnion,  and educated the customer with regard to proper gas system settings. As far as I know that took care of the problem.

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    Basically this is being used instead of drone strikes.. Which is probably best since killing dozens of people that are not terrorists to get one terrorist is not good for the overall perception.


    Personally, I hope we are using every tool at our disposal - with absolutely no holds barred.


    Obama's 'window dressing' efforts to appear to deal with terrorists from a distance failed miserably, and created the conditions for ISIS to organize and flourish.


    Appearances be damned. We have work to do.



    It is more about actually getting the target, and not providing anything to be used as propaganda.


    Drone bombings over the last few years often missed their targets, people would be marked as having been eliminated when it was some nobody that got killed.. I think at least a few of the high value ISIS guys that had been "confirmed killed" turned up alive and well months later.



    Obama was the most inept, ineffective, and downright incompetent leader we've had since Jimmy Carter (and possibly ever) and that is saying something. The man completely fucked up everything he touched - from race relations, for which he completely and single handedly destroyed 60 years of progress, to gutting local, and state law enforcement agencies,  to his handling of the Middle East, North Africa, Iran, China, and North Korea.


    As a nation and the leading world power, we have never had the luxury of simply operating within the context of 'propaganda victories'. That strategy has always failed, and will always continue to fail.


    I agree that we need to make every strike, every action count. The message we as a nation need to send is that if you are a terrorist, a jihadi, or support those activities in any way, you are never safe, anywhere. We will identify you, we will find you, and we will take you out, by any means necessary.


    Let the chips fall where they may. 

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  9. Basically this is being used instead of drone strikes.. Which is probably best since killing dozens of people that are not terrorists to get one terrorist is not good for the overall perception.


    Personally, I hope we are using every tool at our disposal - with absolutely no holds barred.


    Obama's 'window dressing' efforts to appear to deal with terrorists from a distance failed miserably, and created the conditions for ISIS to organize and flourish.


    Appearances be damned. We have work to do.

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  10. Your question makes an assumption that there is no interest in Russian Kalashnikov pattern shotguns. Respectfully, that simply isn't true. In fact, we are finding quite the opposite to be true.


    There is still tremendous interest in the platform. Unfortunately, since the bans, supply is the bottleneck. Scarcity and rising prices for existing stock put the base guns (when you can find them) out of reach for many consumers who would love to own a Russian AK shotgun.


    There are plenty of Chinese clones floating around, but these will cost the average consumer $600 or more with tax, shipping, and FFL transfer fees. Honesty, there just doesn't seem to be much consumer appetite for Chicom copies which cost about as much as the original went for before the bans.


    With no end in sight for the existing bans, and tariffs likely to drive up the price of the Chicom clones, the one bright spot seems to be Kalashnikov USA's excellent S12 clones. Now, if they'd only make one in  a Version  030 configuration, with an adjustable gas block....

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    I (personally) don't envy the position Trump finds himself in now. wacko.png


    I mean, what's he gonna do?  Tell 1/2 of the country demanding some form of action to "f**k off?" unsure.png


    This isn't Thermopylae circa 480 B.C. and he ain't King Leonidas.  Us gun zealots will probably all be forced to take a bite out of the big gun-haters shite sandwich. ohmy.png


    Actually, he could pretty much do nothing about that issue and divert the attention to  something else. He does it all the time. It works when he does that.


    He just doesn't have any conservative ideology. He's a big idea guy, and a power guy, and a poke the other guys in the eye guy.  We all knew it, but some of us wanted to kid ourselves about it, because for the last 2 years he was mostly poking guys we didn't like in the eye. (Never mind the rest of his life...)


    The fact that hillary is worse never made him trustworthy. 


    Well, this ^^^


    Early on, when Dagen McDowell was asked to comment on Trump's run for President, Chris Christie was his (then) VP Pick. Dagen quoted her mother to the effect that "we dont need two finger pointin' yankees in the White House".


    We didn't get two, but we did get one.

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  12. I'll be doing a 6.5" on a KS-12 in a few months. I suppose we will see how it really stacks up against the S12. I hope it has the same potential. That would be refreshing.

    Functionally, the KS-12 is exactly the same as an S12, there is absolutely no difference. In terms of materials quality, there are also absolutely no caveats. No downside. Trunnions, bolt, bolt carrier, carrier rails, gas block, and even carrier rails are all top notch. All parts are 100% interchangeable with Saiga 12 parts.


    From a builder's perspective, you'll need to pay attention to the tighter tolerances. There is absolutely no "wiggle room".


    I look forward to seeing that 6.5" SBS build, Anthony :)

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