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  1. quite easy I have done it 3 times now. 4 threads of dental floss I use
  2. Where can you buy NEW WAFFLE MAGS? I seen them on Gunbroker in small numbers and a few on CTD, But most I see are used :/
  3. I want to use my Factory mag for bench shooting but does it count as -1? and I have to add another part? I have some 30round mags but I want to use the FACTORY for bench shooting, and the 30 is just to long.. I stock,Pistol grip,FCG for my 5.
  4. This is what bothers me. We know from nothing about this guy. He might be in Junior High for all we know. It's clear he needs supervision. Besides having no idea where he is; we have no idea what he plans to do with this thing once converted. Assuming he'll use common sense is a stretch. Assuming he's harmless is dangerous.... Anyone hear bells going off? why do you people make fun of me? I did a convertion didnt I ?
  5. Thats what I figured, I COULDNT GET ON THE INTERNET, IT WENT DOWN. Dont blame me BHO+retaining plate = less room = more filing on the RIGHT side not the left, now it fits great
  6. hammer is not filed down enough, I will post back in a hour, I notice with the pin in the factory hammer and the new tapco hammer, the pin doesnt stick out all the way
  7. everything is out but the bho, hammer and pin, I put the hammer in, I put the pin in, I cant get it to go in all the way. I cant see the notches of the pin to latch my retaining plate on, its like not coming out 0.010th of a inch to place it on ???????? I used a mallet to push it through but it wont come everything is lined up,
  8. http://www.cross-conn.com/Saiga_Conversion/Step_2.htm the last picture, hammer and trigger pins, are they the same? I mixxed them up I hope they arnt different in any way, the last picture shows the pins, (not the discarded ones) you can see the notches on them thats where teh retaining plate has to fit in so it doesnt wobble. I cant SEE that when I am putting the hammer in. the left side of the hammer is blocking my view, I tryed to do this without using the notches and I tested it but it wobbled out of place (the hammer retaining placement) the others where fine
  9. can I file down the hammer on the left side like 0.020 to fit my retainer plate? I cant get it in there seams to be TO TIGHT, I know I filed down the right side of the hammer to fit the BHO but is it safe to file down the LEFT side? Its a rounded edge unlike the right side where it is flat
  10. Thanks for all your help I will give range report later, I dont have a retaining plate yet. I dont want it failling apart on the first 2 shots
  11. what size of bonesnake do I need for the saiga 7.62x39?
  12. I got the pins in but they arnt in all the way, pop out when I dry fire, that is why I will be looking for a retaining PIN, I hope its not because my hammer edge is a little lop sided. I tryed to get it even
  13. why do I need a ps3? I might have one you dont know..
  14. why are you talking trash ??? I finished almost just asking why it wasnt working [retaining plate thank you for help] if you dont have something nice to say dont say it at all
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