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  1. you can get the stock tub only for around $62. but i bet if you combine it with the GL-shock it would reduce it down even more problem is i havent found the GL-shock of less that $96 by itself http://www.nokick.com/AK_47_Collapsible_Stock_Tube_w_Shock_Absorber_p/mako%20sbt-k47.htm http://www.nokick.com/AK_47_Collapsible_Stock_Tube_w_Shock_Absorber_p/mako%20sbt-k47.htm
  2. Cryptkeeper

    16" vs 22" barrel?

    if you convert the 16" and put a light weight stock on it. you will increase the recoil by quite a bit by makeing the weapon lighter. one thing the 22' does have is that long heavier barrel so it weighs a bit more and would reduce the recoil a bit and its bullet velocity will be higher because of the longer barrel. if you do choose to go with the 16" and convert it and put on a light weight stock you might look into adding weight to it to calm the recoil down . if your going hunting with it i would let your terrain decide what you need if you are in open terrain or can move easily in the forrest area your in then the 22" would be fine, but if you live where there is really dense forrest i would get the 16" to make it easier to move around ,and to quick draw and aim. if you want a stiffer barrel you need a thicker barrel. that why BULL barrels are thick. they are MUCH stiffer
  3. Cryptkeeper

    S-308 accuracy vs. M1a

    I have a 21 inch saiga 308 and I shoot the South African bulk ammo and I see about a seven to eight inch group. every shot hits the paper. but the saiga 308 is more about kicking up dirt than accuracy and precision you need to change your ammo i got a stock 22" 308 saiga only thing on it is a 3x9 40mm scope and im getting 1"@100yrds with a factory load fed power shok 150gr SP
  4. Cryptkeeper

    Bulk ammo

    i usually order from here http://www.sportsmansguide.com/ you got to watch some places are cheaper but they get you in the shipping costs this place is not bad on shipping specially when your getting ammo
  5. Cryptkeeper

    What records are kept on customers

    if they every do decide to take our weapons i dont think they will go through the mountain of paper work to find us i think they will just go door to door like katrina and search every1. there is so many weapons that are lost and dont have a paper trail that they would be chaseing alot of dead ends, of ppl who have been dead for years or ppl who sold it to someone they dont know the name of. it would be much easier stop the sales and to take the troops and just go city by city and go through and get all they can.
  6. Cryptkeeper

    New Member, Range Report, Accuracy Question + pic

    i think the number1 way to increase your accuracy is to try several differnet weights and brands of ammo and see which one shoots best for your weapon, they all DONT shoot the same. the only good ammo is the ammo YOUR weapon likes best it could be cheap russain made ammo or some custom ordered handloaded $50 per box ammo. just because it cost more doesnt always mean its better.good ammo is what your weapon consitantly shoots best not what some1 elses weapon shoots best. also you really need to break your weapon in before it really starts shooting its best. once you've shot over 300rnds it should be broken in good
  7. Cryptkeeper


    WHY? you ask? its a mixture of a few things like they said the war, a weak dollar, also the U.N. has pressured countries to stop selling mil surplus on the civilian market but dont forget the good old corp. greed
  8. Cryptkeeper

    SHTF Stash

    LoL wish i had a $1.00 for every BATF agent who looks at this post. or who all has asked this question from all the other forums I have nothing not 1 gun or ammo not even a BB gun. i dont store food, i go to the store every day for what i need just like a good little sheep
  9. i am looking for a good cheap scope for a .22 and was thinking of getting this https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/SCP548-1112-1536.html any1 ever had 1 ?
  10. what dose every1 think of hotshot ammo?
  11. i wouldnt have anything of great value next to my bed im lazy and wouldnt put away the weapon every day i just keep a pump shotgun next to the bed that way if they break in while im at work they dont get nothing but a cheap pump. nothing makes a goblin run faster than a cocking of a 12ga pump and they dont know where it came from.
  12. Cryptkeeper

    Best saiga for sniping at 500 yards

    if your getting 2" moa you need to change your ammo.not your buttstock. if you get the right ammo with a off the self stock saiga 308 you can get inside 1"@100yrd. getting a 11" moa @500yrds how is any1 going to hit a mansize target? lol omg. maybe with alot of luck! might help if he closed his eyes to.(use the force luke) you might hit it once every 20 rnds.(accually if your body position is right you could close your eyes but you need to know how to shoot) if the new trigger help alot and your now getting 2" moa. lol i dont want to know what you was getting. lol invest $300 in differnt ammo find what your weapon likes you will see it get even better. nice conversions they look good if you want to drive those nails in @500yrds ++ you need to put a bull barrel/ stock on that rem 700 and a $1000 scope.then the question comes up do you know how to shoot long range? long range shooting takes a degree of math and alot of SKILL/trainning with height ,wind speed/direction,bullet weight,range...ect you have to add up all those factores for each shot,to hit your target a small computer can help but the question is even if you put 3 grand into a rifle do YOU have the skill to shoot it the way it is ment to be used?not to mention how much time and money for ammo you will need to get your skills up to that lvl of shooting.saigas are good for mid range 200-300 yrds but you will not hit him between the eyes at that range yes you will get a body hit but not between the eyes they arnt made to do that.if you got a saiag 308 and the right ammo for your weapon you can get 3" @ 300yrds grps, thats not bad but its not a sniper rifle either. an ok sniper rifles will be getting 1" @800yrds grps. if you dont have the time and the money to invest into a sniper rifle get a rifle that you can use and handle most ppl dont shoot over 100-300yrds most combat is within 300yrds. i would go with the longer barrel since the longer ranges is what your looking for but i think 500yrd is a bit far for a saiga your groups will be so big you will have a hard time hitting anything with any accuracy with groups of around 5-6" @500yrds,you can get a body shot, it would be hard to get a head shot.
  13. Cryptkeeper

    Best distance to zero a .308? (Saiga 16")

    what i do is have it hit the target -1 inch from center at 25yrds that will put it at +2 inches @100 so it should be at -1 inch at 250 yrds that is ideal for hunting you are inside of 3 inch heart killing shot from 25 yrds to 250 yrds
  14. Cryptkeeper

    Found ammo that my saiga really likes.

    wait until you have shot about 300 rnd and broken in that saiga things tend to change slightly until its fully broken in. some ammo that wasnt that good gets alot better ...ect i would try several differnt brands but that is a great start you got 1 brand you know will shoot good hopefully you can find a cheaper one that you can hunt with congratz way to go
  15. Classic Arms has 1000 round case of wolf for $179.95 or 360 rounds of golden tiger in .30cal ammo can for $69.90. They also have 7.62x54R in a 300 round tin for $55, 400 in 50cal. ammo can for $77.50, or 1200 round case for $199.95. They also have 30rnd AK mags for $12.95. http://www.classicarms.us/ is shipping included in those prices? the prices i quoted is total cost. No. But with the cost of the gas burned going would have easily covered any shipping charges. true gas would have to be put into the TOTAL cost of the days buy , not just the ammo, but that also depends on how far you travel and how may split the bill so all and all you might add 50 cents per 1000 for gas (like i said we bought alot of items in bulk i just gave examples of what all we bought LOL)