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  1. Go ahead call me a dumbshit, I know it's for lack of better options. If you had anything worth posting in defense of the gun you would have. If you had any common sense you wouldn't just reply cussing me out either though.
  2. I can imagine two cavemen standing around arguing over the potential of the wheel. Ever since this shotgun has began to be noticed the haters are plentiful and willing to speak up. That's ok because it shows their narrow mindedness and some kind of irrational fear of progress and options. As far as I'm concerned it speaks volumes about their intelligence. This platform may end up failing,,but I don't think so, so until it shakes out I'm going to keep an open mind. This is a tool for me to use for multigun. I have no senseless attachment to one platform over another. Your alrea
  3. Shoulda just stuck to Saiga 12s. Sure it's cute a Shotgun that looks like an M16. It's just seems like an accident waiting to happen though. Dunno if this cycles 3" but i can guarantee it won't for long.
  4. Everything sounds normal so far. Winchester birdshot will not cycle the stock S-12 (and probably many semi-autos). Get yourself a $20 100rnd box of Federal 7 1/2 from Walmart and try again with the gas setting on #2. Edit: Some of the watered down low-recoil 00 Buck stuff doesn't cycle very well either. Use Federal target/birdshot and no low-recoil stuff and then see how it runs. Mine cycled Wincester birdshot out of the box brand new. The clean up was rather messy, so I usually run birdshot its Remington. It runs extremely clean in my Saiga 12 even after 100 rounds the gun wi
  5. Alright, thanx Cobra. One more thing can you give me a link to the exact model of stock you are talking about I might be inclined to purchase one after seeing how good it looks on that gun.
  6. What's with the slow fire.... drum can't keep up? Sucks.... +1, this video sucks, I can fire faster than that at my local Nazi range. I thought the guy was shooting a bit slow. I was thinking "Wait i'm pretty sure, my Saiga 12 shoots faster then that and it's not even converted yet". Infact I know it does, although i've never seen anyone besides myself rapidfire it. I told both my dad and brother in law to rapid it and they refused. Idk i guess they are scared of it or something. Anyways back on topic, we all know it's a lousy drum design almost completely identical to AAs dr
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te91g9Yr5g8 Anyone recognize the buttstock on the Saiga 12 in this video?
  8. Sorry i've been gone so long been really busy these last few months. I came really close to getting rid of my Saiga 12 for an H&K USP that was offered to me as trade. I'm finally going to have some time to work on my Saiga 12 had it almost a year now. I've been looking around on the forums to see if what peaked my interest and i've got a good general idea of what i'm going to do with my Saiga 12 now. The offer for the HK is still open though my mind tells me it's a good trade I just can't seem to let my Saiga 12 go it's like a part of me. Anyways i'll make sure to post when I start and kee
  9. I figured at least a couple of you would find humor in this video that I made on the brink of insanity. I recently caught th Swine Flu and due to difficulties sleeping I stayed up all night. Somewhere between 3AM and 6AM I made this video.
  10. Part of it was for you, the second part was response to Zen but I was to lazy to Multi quote it. Sorry I forgot to warn you, i'll add it to my Signature if you like. When someone mentions an Apple product I got berserk. I have a deep hatred of Apple and all of it's products. The majority of my experience is with Windows, second comes Macintosh which back in high school I was unfortunately forced to use for most of my high school years until they replaced them with PCs. I've played around with Linux a bit, haven't really done to much with it though. Didn't seem to bad, but i'm sure it
  11. I would run OSX over Vista and especially XP 64-bit any day of the week. This coupled with calling Mac an OS shows me that you think you know what you're talking about but in reality you graduated from ITT(lol I'm trolling, now what). XP X64 was an afterthought on MS part and horribly developed, same with Vista. It's nice to see they got their act back together with Win7. Calling Windows a more advanced OS over OSX is lulz. Less locked down? Yes. But they're both just as powerful in their own respects. If DirectX didn't control the gaming market over OpenGL you would be singing a diffe
  12. And what operating system do you suggest I run? Windows? That's 'Lol Lol Lol Lol Windows, you epic fail'. Uh huh... Yeah actually I do recommend windows, just not vista. I run Vista Ultimate 64 and Xp Pro 64 on separate partitions. Mac is nothing but an overpriced piece of shit. They are kids toys, when they do work you can't do much with them. If your into media then sure why not, everything else Windows is better and if your gonna bitch about viruses get Avast it's free. Macs are awefully expensive for kids computers, Mac is not an advanced operating system. This is
  13. Lol Lol Lol Lol Macs, you epic fail. Macs are the biggest Jokes of all time. Sure they can't get Viruses, but they become outdated so quickly and can't play games they might as well not even exist. You techinically can build your own Macs now. Macs are overrated shit too. And overpriced at that. Same hardware as a PC, yet hundreds more. Technically you can build a Mac, it's just not gonna happen. You can't get Mac parts in the same way as PC parts and by the time your done buying replacement parts to build your new MAC you just bought a new Mac. The main reason Alienware u
  14. Back in the day Alienware was a pretty good computer, I had two of them pre-Dell buyout and they we're really good computers. When it came time to update I just built my own computer. I won't own a Dell, it seems that everything that the word Dell fucks up. It happens enough that Dell has to have a customer support section for day to day Dell fuck ups. Yeah and get this, they have an Alienware service similar to the Dell one but they won't service anything pre-Dell buyout. That's ok, I didn't want their grubby Dell hands in my computer anyways. Anyways enough about how bad Dells are we already
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