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  1. Responses in regard to a 2009 and 2011 samples are hardly definitive. I was looking for recent anecdotes. If you desire to pontificate to the greatness of Glock there are better venues for such. Maybe I should have been more clear; are all of the 2013 samples necked or is it random like it was in 2010? Thanks.
  2. I have been away chasing other interests a while but I was considering building a 7.62x39. Before my hiatus I recall a lot of the 7.62s has a steppet throat/chamber due to some Russian law, are the new one out now stepped or not? Is it still luck of the draw?
  3. I personally have never had a problem but I could see how either could be an issue for frequent users. Thanks for your candor.
  4. Are you going to carry the new fde agp 10s? Looking for two as well as a black tromix shirt and the new mini monster brake. Can you help?
  5. Never thought about that. Sounds like a wonderful idea.
  6. Tac-47 will go on my very short list of companies that I would have build a SBS! Detail is great. Just look at the front sights and the aforementioned rivet/safety stop. Looks great! Jealous!!!
  7. CSS has them on sale right now for $599; comes with a bunch of extra parts. Unless you find someone else that is parting one out as far as I know is the only solution.
  8. In my very humble opinion: if you are not getting hk sights welded, extra holes filled(not plugged) and trigger group and bolt polished and or tuned do it yourself. There is no reason to pay to have a basic restoration completed. If you must have the arsenal stamp buy an unconverted gun from them and paint your blank canvas.
  9. The only time I have had that issue is when the shells stay in the magazine too long; the shells deform under long term pressure, months against the bottom of the bolt. For long term storage load a slug on top as they do not deform. If you are having this problem with a freshly loaded mag that is a different story. If this is the case I would ask how tight are your mags? If they are a little loose that could be your problem. How many mags do you have? Do all of them have the same issue? What shells are you using? When you were polishing did you remove material from the feed ramp? (con
  10. Before you spend $80 on the utg forend and (gulp) another $200 for a set of Troy micros look into a few of Chaos's offerings which can be had for similar or less money depending on your options.
  11. To the original poster: I am sure there is someone on this site that would meet you at a range to let you try their converted gun; then you can make an informed decision. Post what state and city you live or work in and I am sure someone here would love to show off their creation. If you are anywhere near Las Vegas I would jump at the chance to meet up with fellow Saiga freaks. Take your gun so you would have the oprotunity to try both configurations. I would bet you decide on the converted configuration but that is my opinion not necessarily yours.
  12. You do realize a yard is 36 inches? I would have to see video proof to buy that story. Without a rifled barrel, sabots, and a 4x optic I am very skeptical.
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