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  1. Last S12 was part of the Pauly Steelin fiasco.
  2. Here we go! Im thinking trigger group and a wood stock to start her out! Kinda tossing the idea around of using the parts from my first S12 which was a Pauly victim. Could a guy just use the bolt and carrier etc? Any thing I should be concerned about if I go that route or should I just start fresh? Best part is this is a 4 port and all the ports are lined up just right! Gonna take her to the range next week and see what happens just as she is.
  3. I think those you are telling to GFY are no longer really active here. Why you want to continue to use my name in this manner is beyond me even after we had our discussion. As far as I am concerned that whole incident and our misunderstanding is behind me and I have moved on, regardless of how you feel. I respected you from one Vet to another yet you continue to throw punches like this out there publicly without provocation? As for me I am going to remain active after giving it some thought. Im already doing another S12 on my own so the info will come in handy which is posted all over this
  4. Deleted. Good Luck everyone my account will be inactive now. Last I knew MLR the DOJ was trying to get peoples parts back to them so may not need to run a fund me page. Might want to hold off on that.
  5. Just talked with the Oregon DOJ again, I was called this time. I am only relaying what information was given to me so Ill do my best to reiterate what she said to me. She had received a large box of parts from Pauly, an overwhelming amount. Everything she has is in "Safekeeping" for now since the investigation is open at this time. If everything goes well, it may take up to 2 months to get our parts back from the DOJ. However, if our parts become Evidence there is no telling how long it would take to get them back. They would then be in a secured lockup, if they become evidence. She didnt
  6. Sent my Label on March 12th.. With tracking. He has not used it yet.
  7. I just realized that too Sneak. However I did speak with the contact at the DOJ and I can confirm that she is working with Paul. In what way she did not say unfortunately. I sent my label, figure 20 more bucks thrown at my saiga wont hurt. If you sent in a complaint on the DOJ website, it should only take a couple days for them to get back to you.
  8. Prepaid label sent. Cost 19.60 Will be glad when this is over and my parts that have been missing for over 2 years comes home. Bolt/Carrier/FCG/Axis Pin/Tom Cole HD Op Rod/Main Spring #170 sent 1-16-2013
  9. Attn Forum mods. I just spoke with the DOJ contact Paul Listed in his last response. I was informed that they would like that information, (name and phone #) removed as it is not public information.
  10. Ok so had something happen today finally. I have 2 phone numbers for Pauly (971) 209-2711 which has his business greeting for voicemail. I have called this number numerous times and left lots of voicemails. (503) 829-9157 I have only ever called this once and left one voicemail and got a generic message from the cell carrier. TODAY i get a call from (971)304-9897 saying they are getting all my calls and voicemails and that I am not the person I am trying to get ahold of. I have never called this number however. So i call her back and ask which number it is she is getting a
  11. My suggestion is to follow your own path in this and not speak of it on this forum too much. Pauly does check in here and the less he knows the better, for you that is if you are pursuing legal action. File a Internet fraud report, and a postal fraud report. IF You would are pursing legal action and want a copy of the survey results I will gladly email them to you. If you do not have your info on the survey results then naturally i wont send them to you. This is a huge tool if you are pursuing the legal route. If you filed a report then you know what it all contains and can be used agai
  12. I feel your pain Jace26, According to Pauly, your parts were shipping the week of Sep 14th, per his post. Have to wonder if he does in fact have the parts.
  13. Cmack, this is exactly what this thief wants you to do. Have you filed a postal fraud report and a Internet Crime Complaint? This is interstate fraud, please fill those out before you give up. We are all in this together! Hi Parts # 619 here I sent my parts in dec 2012 and i like everyone else have received no contact from this thief. i have all but given up getting my parts back and would like to know if anyone has or knows where there is a bolt for sale. The longer i think about this situation the angrier i get. Thanks in advance for your help
  14. I dont want to see anybody locked up. I just want my parts back. Finished or not. I never said I hated him. I didn't file those reports in the intent of harm I just want my parts back. We could discuss this all Via PM but you wanna stir up trouble. But you would have to un-blocke me first. Its inappropriate to have this discussion on a thread where people are trying to get there parts back or looking for any information about there parts... They don't care about this stuff or some quarrel. You don't even have any parts in this mess. Get the last word if you like... But its th
  15. I dont think Paul has time for this right now. That shop (aka shed) hes building for that guy is going to take at least a year to get the shingles on. I really hope Paul thinks I am calling his bluff with the ATF route. I really do. Not much is holding me back other than respect for others parts who still want to wait a little longer. IF you really want to do something on your end that will get to Paul quickly. File a Postal fraud report with the postal inspectors office. You can even do it online now which makes it tons easier. They may want to get ahold of you and want documentation,
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