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  1. thank you for your clarification of your stock. i read with interest about the "Akins Accelerator". http://www.georgiapacking.org/docs/akins/C...th_exhibits.pdf it seems they have several letters from the ATF that stated that their stock was not a machine gun, which the ATF later recended. did you submit a working model to the ATF? thanks again for the information! best.
  2. didnt a company making 10/22 stocks like that get in trouble with the ATF? they were later classified as machine guns i think.
  3. do you have any pics of the adapter out of the rifle? where are you located?
  4. excellent person to deal with and highly recommended! thanks!
  5. just activated an account but cant see the ads. can u post info?
  6. when you guys were hacking up other mags and making up adaptors, FBMG stepped up to the plate. funny how some will turn so quickly.
  7. anybody have an extra or maybe left over from a conversion?
  8. --------------------------------- Shout out to a fellow MDer! did this sell as a reg firearm? lee Lee, Not a Regulated Firearm where I bought it but it WAS quoted as regulated over on Kent Island. Go figure. Where in Md. are you? I'm in A.A. County. ------------------------ i'm in baltimore. lee
  9. wood buttstock looks great. not sure about the extended handguard. think i would prefer a shorter one. but thats just me. good purchase either way!
  10. --------------------------------- Shout out to a fellow MDer! did this sell as a reg firearm? lee
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