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  1. the orange target was a 12 inch peel and stick i stuck on one of the targets i used to site the gun in. i was shooting at 100 yrds
  2. Inside the orange dot is the groups i got from the micro max b dot at 100 yrds. just above the orange dot inside the orange ring is irons. krebs peep and kns medium ball post. outside of the ring is me shooting not fast but with a little bit of speed. all at 100yrds. the alg trigger is amazing and allowed me to shoot much more accurately. absolutely pleased with the results. hope the trigger holds up. i dont get to shoot nearly enough so it probably will. love this set up.
  3. r u talking about 2 m-lock slots or 2 picatinny slots. nice gun porn...lol. looks like the tlr takes up about 3 picatinny slots vs. the x300 which looks like it takes up 5. thanks chile.
  4. 5 slots is what im looking for. i want the key mod rail to be big enough to cover the locking surface of the light but not stick out either side to much. this is great info. thanks alot... i already have a couple of flash lights that take cr 123 so i have some in stock. your right you need to have some on hand... thanks chile. just looking to see total notches the light mount takes up "space wise" on the picatinny rail...
  5. narrowed it down to two. Streamlight TLR-1 HL or surefire x300 ultra. does any one know how many picatinny rail spaces each light takes up. i want to purchase the rail size that matches the light. sounds kinda picky just want a low profile look. also dont want to go to small. i couldn't find any info on surefires site. the x300 is probably the one i'm going with for my rifle. thanks...
  6. i was wondering about the parts of the bolt. looking at the pic it looks like the extractors won't work either.
  7. i bought the 6 pack of kns site posts and a krebs custom rear peep site. going to be good...
  8. i would just save it for a later conversion. what country is your 74 parts from. i would assume Bulgarian parts should swap out with no problem
  9. i know i have gotten a real late start on this but want to pic up some spare parts for my 762 bolt. or just a complete bolt if possible. parts include : firing pin, firing pin "pin", extractor and spring and extractor pin. basically all bolt parts. if i was able to find a saiga bolt would i have to worry about head space. could i use other parts from other bolts and which ones would be interchangeable. thanks for any help.
  10. Manticore Alpha Rail is a semi-licensed version of the Zenit one. Both are excellent products. What makes them so good, is that they are very strong (Zenit designed them to be able to survive hundreds of GP-30 grenade launches) and, at the same time, don't weigh any more than the standard polymer HG. Zenit is just really good at lightening their shit. When you can go with a metal part that doesn't weigh any more than the polymer part, go with metal. It's better for cooling too. I'd go with the Alpha Rail, because it's more flexible as far as config and is US made (for 922r compliance). Plus, A
  11. First impressions. i really like this trigger. just as advertised. short and smooth trigger pull. if you polished up the surfaces it would be insane. this is me comparing it to a standard g2. i probably wouldn't have had to install the roll pin but did anyway. i wanted a tight fit with very little play when the safety is on. the coolest part is my safety selector will not have to be notched to clear the sear during installation. time for a retaining plate. whooo hoo. the only negative i found was when the safety selector slides over the last part of the sear there is a ledge or a leg on th
  12. i didnt buy it for bumpfire capability's. but if that's a bonus... ')
  13. very cool. all my research has described it the same. got mine coming sat. hope it runs great.
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