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    Call me crazy, but for a long gun, wouldn't you want a bag that your gun fits in? I'm just sayin... Mine shotgun bag is pretty cheap, common, and basic... . For $30 or so, it's not bad... holds some ammo, mags, and eye/ear, etc in the pouches. In the big compartment, you can fit a one or two long guns and also put a pistol or two in there (assuming they all the extra guns have sleeves/ zip bags to avoid gettin all scratched up). When I'm just shooting handguns, I use the basic black NRA bag that fits a couple guns, eye/ear, and a few boxes of ammo.
  2. Break in should be 150+ heavy rounds (buckshot or slugs) on gas setting 1... you need to free up the slide and internal moving parts on your gun. Go find some cheap 00 buckshot like Estate, Rio, Wolf, etc and have a blast. After that 150+ heavy loads, you can try some Win AA target loads (I use 1 1/8oz 7 shot Win AA) on setting 1. If the AA cycles well, great... shoot everything on 1 forever after. If the AA bird/target shot doesn't cycle well on setting 1, shoot 100+ more buck/slug on 1, then try the AA again on setting 1 again... if it works, good. If it still target shot still doesn
  3. $119.95 for RIO? anyone ran this stuff before? I haven't... was thinking of trying it, but Estate has always worked well as my range buckshot and it gave the free S&H and free ammo case. If you buy some Rio buck, let us know how it works out for ya.
  4. Estate 250rd packs of 00 or #4BK are $149 at Cabela's, and you get a free shell box. I doubt you'll find better price on buck. They had that deal for $169 a couple months ago, and even that was a good deal. For bird/target shot, the only stuff I use in my Saiga is the occasional Win AA... widely available for around $9 per 25rd box. In terms of birdshot, it works "well" once your gun is broken in, but I still get jams with it maybe every other clip on setting 1 and maybe every 4th or 5th clip on 2. I basically prefer to just shoot buck in my Saiga, but if I bring friends out shooting for h
  5. I think this is a big mistake. Don't shoot unless you fear for your life, but when you do shoot, shoot to kill. If something's worth shooting once, shoot it a few more times... and use some real ammo. The last thing I'd ever want is years of prison or ruined finances on account of some paralyzed scumbag criminal with a sleazeball lawyer who successfully convince a jury that I'd maimed him. Dead men tell no tales, and you have to admit your court case is likely to be a lot more straightforward when there's only one side to the story. Another thing I wouldn't wanna be is one of those moron
  6. Your mossberg 500 pump is already about the best HD shotgun... I'd definitely prefer pump to semi-auto due to reliability. Pump guns go bang every time and eat any ammo... low cost, low maintainence. Just like a revolver versus an assault rifle, there's just far fewer moving parts to go awry. Also, weilding shotguns indoors is hard enough as it is... a pump is much easier to maneuver with no long mag or drum. My Saiga is definitely more fun and gets more attention at the range, but HD is about functionality, not putting on a show. Semi-auto can be problematic: I have had jams from time to
  7. Yeah, orig Saiga buttstock out of the box will kill your shoulder... not fun. It's pretty light for a 12ga shotgun, so it has a lot of recoil the way it is configured. When I first purchased my s12, I shot it at the range for maybe 50rd of buck just to test it out before I made any mods and jeopardized the warranty. Shot well, but I sure didn't want to do that to my shoulder again lol. You don't really have to convert to reduce the recoil, and as was said, you should find buttstock recoil pads for $10-25. I think you should at least put on US made stock so you can use hi cap US mags legall
  8. I don't think it's "nonsensical" or "BS." It's not "take" that worries most ppl (since that's impossible right now), but it's simply paperwork and tracking of everything that is opening the door for a lot of potential future problems. It's easy for Jane Doe to eat up anti-freedom like "it's good to have all handguns registered so guns from crimes can be traced to the criminal who bought them" to "instead of trying to decide where short shotguns and long pistols fit in, it'd probably be easier to just register all guns" to "now that guns are registered, it'd be good to inspect them from tim
  9. I pretty much agree. The days when you could just open up the newspaper classifieds, drive a couple miles, and go buy a 12ga and a 38 special with cash and no paperwork are long gone. I think Bracko and company will re-instate the Clinton assault ban (no hi cap mags, no fold/ext stocks, etc), but other than that, they are likely to just slowly choke off gun/ammo buying with taxes and paperwork. Possilbly down the line, we may see some gun checks and penalty or confiscation at the ranges (for illegal guns, illegal mods, unregistered, etc). If that crap ever goes on for a few decades or genera
  10. I like 20ga over 12ga in general. Ammo is a bit cheaper, less recoil, better accuracy, still plenty of stopping power to spare, and gun/ammo is lighter if you had to carry a lot of it in SHTF. Police studies repeatedly show that officers shoot faster and more accurate in 20ga guns... I think that is a big reason for all the reduced recoil 12ga "law enforcement" rounds popping up from major ammo manufacturers in the last 10yrs (cheaper to buy new ammo than guns for all the cruisers and SWAT teams). I bought Saiga 12 over 20 simply due to availability of mags and accessories. The main dealbr
  11. For the first 100+ rounds, you want to shoot heavy loads to break in your gun and loosen up the internal parts... buckshot or slugs. Cabelas has 250rd Estate 2.75" buckshot for $170 with a free waterproof shell box... your choice of 4 buck or 00 buck. That's a tough price to beat, esp with the ammo box. Great range ammo. For HD use and high reliability, I'd say the 2.75" reduced recoil buckshot (might be called "managed recoil" or "tactical" buckshot) from a good US ammo maker. Remington managed recoil 00 buck is fairly cheap, highly accurate and reliable. After break in is done, if yo
  12. Great post... exactly what I was getting at. There have been multiple police dept studies which showed faster and more accurate shooting with 20g versus 12g, and I think that's at least partially what led to the appearance of reduced recoil ("tactical") buck for 12g... cheaper to buy new ammo than new SWAT and police shotguns. A lot of stuff looks cool at the range or in Hollywood but falls flat on its face in realistic scenerios. In addition to slower and less accurate follow up shots, the 12g 3" magnum rounds also have a significantly bigger muzzle blast in my experience, and it will be ha
  13. Did you notice I was replying to a guy who said "american made magazines such as 12rd surefire"? I guess the fact that I quoted him didn't make that clear? Whatever... it's clear you're trying to nitpick and be a smartass and start an argument, so go find another forum to those play games. Bottom line is pistol grip = nonsporting and must meet 922r. Hi cap mags = nonsporting and must meet 922r. US skeleton stock and any usa mag = 922r ok. Any skel stock and any 2-5rd mag (usa or foreign) = sporting (922r not applicable) and ok.
  14. Good info. Like I said, I always just transport all my guns unloaded with ammo in separate box/case. CCW pistol and home pump gun are the only loaded ones for me unless I'm at the range about to fire. Must suck not having CCW... I guess you have pistol in glove box and mag in console? For IL laws, maybe try www.learnaboutguns.com ... it's a nice pro-gun site put together by a lawyer from Chicagoland. I've never lived in IL, but he has stuff about the gun laws there.
  15. What he said^^ I voted for 10+. If this poll were new today, I'm pretty sure the 12rd mags would win hands down. They're durable and a lot cheaper than drums, and they keep the gun sitting flat on a surface or taking up minimal room in a safe/case/etc.
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