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  1. i never added that spring that connects the pins for the hammer and trigger back in and it works fine should i go back and put it back in? i got a retaining plate and ive put a few hundred rounds through it 22_shooter thats a nice link for $350 S12's
  2. i think a skull wearing a ww2 helmet would be a nice stencil or bullet stencils stacked going down the mag
  3. if i were to but a triggerguard for the saiga 12 would it work on my 7.62? this pic is the one in ? http://www.mdarms.com/Scripts/default.asp
  4. OK i ordered on like the 2nd or 3rd of the month and went on Vacation and when i got back there it was i havent put it on yet so if anyone has any liks that show how to install that would be a big help thanks
  5. Hey i dont if the dealer is trying to pass off a used one but mine def came in a cardboardbox and was wrapped in brown paper like the vid u saw so i would take it back and ask the dealer
  6. Ok i have finished converting (adding pistol grip-1, G2 FCG-2,3,&4, and new bolt-5 all us made) so it is legal to use 30 rd mags now and i want to use AK mags so i just need to buy a bullet guide and the tapco mags should work (after filing down of course). Is there anywhere besides Danzig that i can get a bullet guide from cuz they are like 4 weeks backordered or something like that BTW i bought on of those recoil buffers that goes behind the bolt and i put a ziploc bag full of sand in my stock and the recoil is amazingly reduced, dont know whether its one or the other or both or just in my head but you guys should try it out
  7. Here's a step by step video of the conversion i just did mine by reading the crossconversion and watching this video it is alot easier than you think Video http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=11...aiga+conversion Website http://www.cross-conn.com/Saiga_Conversion/index.htm hope this helps
  8. ok i saw this rail and i want ti but i dont know what it is http://www.tac47industries.com/ it is on the gun in the big picture above the words "featured products" i am also kinda interested in the mako rail so if anyone has pics would u post them so i can see what it looks like and reviews would be great too
  9. imarangemaster that is a nice lookin gun as soon as im satisfied ill post a pic of mine but im not done yet (i think)
  10. Ok a bunch of people are going to freak when i sak this but hey im a noob. whats a FSB?
  11. Hey as long as you have a pistol grip nut this one will work http://www.pearcegrip.com/ar15.htm#PMG1911%20Modular%20Grip i got mine from ebay but cheaperthandirt.com has them for a decent price \ it is a kit so it includes the handle/adapter+finger groove+grips
  12. I forgot to ask so 4. is there a video out there when it shows or clearly explains how to dremel the mag catch?
  13. I just bought a Saiga 7.62 and G2 FTG and moved it forward as seen in this vid I have read about using bullet guides to make the Saiga accept original AK mags and had a few questions. And my gun is already 922r compliant. 1. does installing the bullet guide still require shaving the catch area. 2. i know this is just overkill but i want to buy one of these http://whatacountry.com/ak-47romanian75-ro...ummagazine.aspx or http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/storeproduct402.aspx and wanted to know if that would fit. 3. if no to #2 then what can i do to make the drum fit or does someone make a 75 rd drum for the saiga?
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