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  1. I will repeat. If you want one for carrying on a trail, get the public defender. If not, get a S&W Governor.
  2. now tech sights needs to make their rear sight fit this and all would be right with the world
  3. unless you want the public defender for carry purposes get a S&W Governor. I own a Governor and it is superior to my father in law's judge in every possible way ; especially the trigger.
  4. So I found a source of Chinese 40 rd magazines with the flat back/ no ribbed spine. If you are interested pm me b/c I only have the guys email and I dont want to post it. They run about $30 apiece though.
  5. can a different sized barrel be put on like the Dan Wessons?
  6. I have one for sale and it worked great but as stated there is some recoil so hitting targets accurately is difficult but mag dumps are fun.
  7. All Items are like New, used once together. Slidefire AK 200 Shipped RARE 100 rd chinese 7.62 AK drum 250 shipped here is the slidefire and 100 rd drum together 75rd Korean AK Drum 75 shipped here is the 75 rd drum and slidefire here are the drums side by side
  8. BTT Buyer hasnt logged in a week and havent even recieved info that he is sending funds so i am reposting it
  9. i will buy them all pm me
  10. http://adaptivetactical.com/ would be cool since i have 2 Mav 88's. but im sure ill need an adapter
  11. I went shooting and had many different types of mags and drums and my favorite were the Chinese 30rd flat backed ones (even more so than the Bulgy Waffles). A while ago there were some on copes and some similar ones on AIM and i didnt buy any so now im searchign again. Anyone know where to find these?
  12. got mine in yesterday and they are in decent shape can tell they are used but not to used no stains or rips
  13. these the same two for sale? yep lol im done with them, its bad enough with the MD20's but unacceptable on the 7.62 platform
  14. I went shooting today and had a 75rd drum (ATI Korean) and a 100 rd drum (CHINESE) and both failed me. the springs held but the rounds in the feed neck somehow worked themselves cockeyed and jammed themselves in the neck so i to remove the drum and play with the rounds to get them to fit. Anyone experienced this
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