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  1. I have a Slide Fire Stock for AK (used but LNIB) that I will sell for $200 shipped BTT PICS ADDED
  2. 0I cant remember where I got mine from but I know I love and found more for less than 2 bucks so I bought a few more. I figured someone else likes these as much as I do so am adding the link. (I dont think any vendors have these but if they do, Mods feel free to delete) http://www.royaltigerimports.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=92&Itemid=154#ecwid:category=2274718&mode=product&product=9636158
  3. can you pm me a link where i can get these from can i get a pm on this one too
  4. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/67240-wtsmd-arms-saiga-v-plug-2499/
  5. im looking for one for my 10/22 and SKS. you might check the rimfire board but they are more pricey than id like to pay
  6. How much for all of the remaining .45 ACP shipped? And how many rounds? How much for all of the remaining .45 ACP shipped? And how many rounds? 66517
  7. anyone hear from shandlanos let me know he hasnt logged since sept 14th
  8. I have a basic 30rd spined surplus mag and A Bulgarian 40rd polymer (not circle 10) mag for trade. I really want tanker mags but would take almost anything so pm with offer. We each eat shipping cost though Trade for both or just one make an offer
  9. are these the ones that adjust and can a flash hider be threaded on?
  10. I have the hogue and I LOVE it. you will need an AK type gas tube (not regular stock Saiga one) if u want the upper. As for the lower you will need a hand guard retainer. The Hogue grip has a metal insulation but after 100 rds it does no good (slidefire stock and 75 and 700 rd drums) but i suppose it is the same as any other it is definitely cooler (temp. wise) than any quadrail i have tried. It's fit is ergonomically great with no rails.
  11. drop kick is the romy drum u got top or back loading?
  12. lol i commented in the original thread how i wanted to get this when EVLBLKWPNZ sold it lol
  13. strikehard gear has one that i bought and i love it. I dont remember the price but it was around 70
  14. classicarms or atlaticefirearms have decently converted 7.62's for a reasonable price
  15. you should make 20 amd 30 rd steel reinforced polymer mags based off of the circle 10 bulgarian mags and no spine
  16. http://zombiehunters...p?f=113&t=80397 some guy wrote this story and it is really good read it if u like fiction and if you enjoy good stories read it please dont just pass it off it really is well written with good character development and a good plot it took me two days to read the whole thread and catch up on the story from start to present
  17. i love going into the range and one guy is staring you down curiously, so i let him shoot a few mags and i leave knowing i made someone's day!
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