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  1. get the size closest to you largest rifle you dont need any extra room
  2. i got the voodoo one from qmuniforms dot com cheapest there was i did all the research first and if u put freeship or shipfree in the coupon youll get free shipping its a solid bag no complaints here
  3. i have not had any problems with my ATI korean so i guess im lucky
  4. deploy thats the best plan, get her prego, deploy, and return just before the baby arrives lol, but seriously
  5. the top loading one? i dont have one but im not sure i want one i have a 75 ati korean and a 100 rd chinese and like most people id try the promag if it is was cheap (price, that is not quality like i expect it to be lol)
  6. where did u find that?
  7. Im looking to parkerize and duracoat my rifles and after doing some research I have come to the conclusion that i cannot do this my self so i am looking for someone to do it for me. anyone know a good place to do this? anyone done this themselves and can give me some advice? i have read this more than a few times http://www.sksboards.com/smf/index.php?topic=10478.0
  8. my aimpoint comp M2 is 30mm and the RS ring does not move, wiggle, or do anything other than hold steady even with the recoil from slugs in the S12
  9. would this adapter work for mounting a Bulgarian triangle folder?
  10. if i ever add a brake to my 7.62 i will probably add one to the SKS
  11. I just picked up an SKS-M so I can have two diff rifles that use the same mags and ammo http://forum.saiga-1...lbum/992-sks-m/ that the gallery but ill post them in here i have tech sights on my 7.62 and will do the same to the SKS-M as well as a Kavaari trigger and maybe a Prince50 FSP swap not mine but i want it
  12. From the album: SKS-M

    not mine but definitely a stock/kit for an SKS id love to find
  13. ugh i just bout a regular 10/22 (why is there no facepalm smiley?)
  14. ^this unless your SKS is an M or D then go with 7.62 (if ur SKS isnt then sell it and get one lol)
  15. I bought one. These are a good deal. $40 shipped and they have the Izzy stamp. Thanks nhresident
  16. so is it 20 for all the pouches three 2 cell pouches and two 3 cell pouches?
  17. still availavble? and only holds 2 mags per pouch? will 40 rd mags fit?
  18. I have had a few different transactions with him. Some magazine swaps, I bought some mags from him, etc. He always ships promptly and gives you a tracking number and he bubble wraps everything with the best packing job ive EVER seen. Good Guy to buy from, trade with, or sell to.
  19. i dont like stainless steel guns but that is impressive
  20. Im out here at Ft Riley now and am looking for some shooting buddies.
  21. Lol! I'm trying to convince the wife that I need one... been trying since they were re-introduced a couple of years ago, good luck... me too i can get by with about 1k but anything more is VERY dangerous to mention so I think ima stash 1k and in 6 months get the rest lol
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