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  1. Hello..... hunting season is over and had a fun if not oversuccessful season out here. Tinder-box dry and very hot during our bird seasons. ( Sometimes the temps ranged in the upper seventies during January.) Discovered a few things this season: 1) My S-12 is now my prefered upland bird gun. 2) my four-year old bitch finally began to hunt like her old man 3) I really hate hot weather in January. Would somebody catch me up please? Did the lads finally develop US made 8 or 10 round mags? Did the mythical importer ever appear? What's this about russian made mags being illegal to attach to your weapon? What IS the going price for mags? Hope you all are well and smelling the nitro.... Frkbrd2
  2. I've had a warn under my aviator since I'd joined. I used to worry about it but then read somewhere that I'd pushed a wrong button or something when I registered so I've ignored it. Should I be worried? I enjoy the forum and have learned alot about alot of different weapons but tis fall and HUNTING SEASON so therefore thats where I am. In the fields. Killed two praiire chickens with the Black Dragon, but now am hunting turkeys with the old Mossburg. Finally had some luck but have more tags to fill. Hope you return lollygagger!!!
  3. ivrfrkbrd


    I've been hunting with thw S-12 lately, so the .410 is in the pantry with a mag full of slugs, waiting for quail season.
  4. Make sure that they are Foster-type slugs. DO NOT USE SABOTS. The Saigas are suprisingly accurate for a smooth bore. There are lots of threads here on this topic. Found a good thread: Look in Saiga-12 on Sept.19 Topic like yours started by Maniacjack. Good answers there.
  5. I have one and I LOVE it!!! Also might want to check out Mike's Mausers. I see them at gun shows also, but getting rare. It's my 'I'm gonna f#$%ing kill something' rifle.
  6. Personally, I would spend some quality time with it shooting with iron sights just to get used to the weapon. Espiecally if this is your first rifle. One of the fun things about guns is that not all weapons will shoot the same. When I get a new rifle I like to set up a 10-ring target at about 25 yrds and try to shoot from either a bench rest or prone rest. Remember that not all ammo will shoot the same depending upon projectile weight and type, powder dram and type etc. After I get the sights where I want them, then I move the target out to the range that I think I'll probably do the most shooting/killing/plinking. I like my SKS at about 100 yards. Read this forum concerning scopes. I was thinking about scoping my S-12 but decided against it for now. If I was seriously going to scope my SKS then this forum is where I would come, probably leaning towards a Kobra... Enjoy your new weapon. Hope this helps.
  7. Looks really good!!! Learned alot about paint-depth tricks also. Now I have an excuse to get an airbrush. Thanks for sharing.
  8. ROGER THAT ON THE SPRING!!!! It took me half an hour to find it the first time I took one apart Maybe I should clean the shop...
  9. Thanks!!!! I just wanted to insure that I wasn't inadvertantly destroying a fine weapon. Cobra 76 Two is right. The more I shoot it, the better I like it.
  10. I tried to post a crappy picture but to no avail. Anyway when I picked up my spent shells the other day I noticed that there was a dent in the brass casing upon the lip. Should I be concerned? The gun seems to work flawlessly otherwise. Thanks
  11. Good luck to 'yawl' Texicans down there. We will be thinking of you.
  12. The closest thing I ever had was a Browning BPS. (Bottom shell ejector). Damn thing wouln't shoot straight. I've seen it at least three times in the gunshop since I got rid of it during my drinking days...
  13. I'm left-handed. Both of my Saiga shotties perform extremly well in this aspect. No powder burn or sight obstruction. Same goes for the SKS. Can't say the same for other autoloaders!!! Kalishnikovs rule!!!!
  14. I agree with those who suggest the .20 guage. And the dimensions of the Saiga stock seem to be much better for females than other models.
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