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  1. Hey Bro. I bought the MD gas plug from MAA and use in my Saiga 20 along with my Sanders Magazines. I have noticed a big improvement in cheap Wally World ammo after I instlled it. http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/md-arms-saiga-12-vplug-adjustible-gas-plug-p-1548.html
  2. MAA has them instock. www.mississippiautoarms.com I use them all the time. you will not be sorry~!
  3. Ooooh I GOTTCHA. Well I appreciate yall putting the word out this time. Frankly, I dont understand all this hostility for you trying to provide a service to your customer...I for one want to stay informed.
  4. MAA is not shady. I have been dealing with them for a long time. Ask anybody that deals with them.
  5. I wish I would have know about all this before your .223s dried up. Oh well. This sucks though. Good price on the 7.62. I might jump on one or two.
  6. yes, its a folder. You dont need anything extra for it to go on your saiga. It comes with a drill bit. Take off your old stock. Drill holes in the proper place on the tapco stock and attached with screw. pm replyed to. Sold Pending Funds.
  7. I'll take the stock. Pm me your info for paypal.

  8. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=48859
  9. i have a brand new. Still in the package. Black Tapco Intrafuse Folding Stock for your saiga or ak. I see these for about $45 plus $5 shipping ($50 total) It can be yours and at your doorstep for $40 even. You can paypal with NO FEE if you send it to me as a "gift" I would also trade for anything glock 17 or 22 related or sig 226 related (40sw). Mags, grips, etc. If you want a pic of the actual stock, let me know and Ill email you one. but it looks like this one
  10. Ok i have an EoTech that I need to sale. Its a EoTech 516.a65. Buttons are on the side so you can use a magnifier or night vision or whatever. It comes with the EoTech hard case. Buttons on left side of sight (not in back) to work specifically with magnifiers Uses CR123 Lithium batteries Raised 7mm base with knurled cross bolt Fits to standard 1" Weaver dovetail/Picatinny rail its like this one. EoTech 516 Also, ive sold guns on other stuff on here and have gotten good reviews, search and see. So im trust worthy. $360 Shipped!!!!
  11. Hey guys! Mississippi Auto Arms has a .308 Saiga rifle brake by SGM tactical. It says that the brake installs without cutting and threading the barrel, which is a plus for me because I am clumsy. Has anyone used one? Any reviews? If you havnt seen it, heres the link. http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/308-saiga-rifle-muzzle-brake-by-sgm-tactical-p-924.html
  12. Holy crap! Glock 22's for $369.... Sign me up. I'm there! You guys ROCK!!! WS yeah its on their website.
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