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  1. 2208 and 8500...i'm a new contributing member...
  2. This looks like a great product and a real improvement to our saiga 12s Stupid question time. 1. do you have to modify the magazine? I'm guessing yes. 2. Can I still use the 20 rd MD drum?
  3. Clever...I like that idea.
  4. I paid $694 for my S12, stock mag and a 8 round surefire mag with tax and everything. So yes I think it's a good deal.
  5. I have found out since I first posted this, that you can get almost any antibiotic you need on ebay- http://shop.ebay.com/paylesspetproducts/m....#item1e55c38ae8 again, I strongly suggest you do NOT self diagnose and self medicate.
  6. Many of you may be like me, and want to have some medical supplies on hand in case of an emergency when regular medical services are not available. In the civil war, most injured soldiers died of infection. A good general purpose antibiotic would be good to have on hand. I recently had a problem with an infection and my Doctor prescribed Metronidazole, a effective generic antibiotic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metronidazole I got the same problem again, so I wanted to see if I could get the medication over the counter without paying for a Dr visit. Sadly it is prescription only.
  7. No personal direct experience with the MD covers, but usually the carbon added to make the plastic adds UV protection and some flexibility. My experience is clear plastics break down and become brittle faster. MD Arms may have added a UV protector to their clear covers, I don't know. Unless it was left outside for a long period, that wouldn't even be a factor. I started to order the black for that reason, but then I thought about being able to see how many shells was left would be nice, so I got the smoked.
  8. Try holding the butt solid against a tree or post. I had the same problem when I added a pistol grip on my shotgun. I was not holding it secure enough and the gun was moving back as fast as the bolt. I discovered by problem by pure luck, but someone found it in a trouble shooting guide.
  9. He switches back and forth, you can see the shotgun shells on a bandoleer over his shoulder. LOTs of AKs. The 12 has a metal frame folding stock. EDIT: You are correct, they have all the weapons used listed here. http://www.imfdb.org/index.php/District_9
  10. Watched the Movie "District 9" won't tell you too much, but one of the main characters carries a 12, with a folding stock. He can shoot about 40 rounds without reloading, LOL Pretty good Movie, kinda graphic, so know that if you don't like extreme blood and Violence.
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