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  1. Hmmm, all this corrosive talk is making me think. If SHTF, my primary would be my Saiga 74 shooting corrosive. When it comes to cleaning my rifle, would I just throw it in a pond or something or just carry around a bottle of windex? Squad Leader: Alright, everyone clean your rifles. Me: Alright, let me pull out my windex. Everyone: *Gives me a strange look* I could see "windex" becoming my call sign.
  2. They should cryo Clint until they cure aging. (Not sure how to do youtube links)
  3. Yeah that's normal, and frankly I find it awesome! Was shooting at my dads house and the casings where hitting this old, junker nissan path finders windshield that sits in the backyard. put some cracks in it. It's also awesome because sometimes a casing will land on the hood and literally "break dance" for 20 seconds.
  4. I like the two tone, looks great! I was debating on getting a krink style brake because I was afraid it'd look funny. But it looks good on you're rifle, so I'm probably gonna pick it up! Sexy rifle!
  5. I imagine that charging handle would get HOT (especially if you bump fire 2 or more mags in a row like myself). Last thing I need is a cylinder shaped burn on my palm. Neat design anyhow though. I'd rather go with a make shift lightening bolt system.
  6. . . . this is why boiling water (or as close to it as you desire) is so nice for cleaning . . It evaporates quite nicely. I take a hair dryer to my Saiga. I give it a bubble bath after I shoot corrosive through it.
  7. What I plan on doing is going to a local gun show, buy a used bolt carrier and old dust cover/plate and then mod it to be a make shift lightning bolt. Nothing a dremel, a welder and some TLC won't do. ;P But I feel ya on the tax return.. a buddy of mine sold me his old UTG quad rail system for $40. I figured why not, it's not too heavy, it's aluminum, and IMO better than the tapco tri rail system I had. The plastic block that connected to the gas block started to melt.. Guess that's what happens when you shoulder dump fire 5 mags in a row. I love how cheap the ammo is, I get tired of shooting before running out of ammo. =P Anyways, be sure to post pics if you get more stuff!
  8. Here's what's going to happen. If anything we're to happen, SHTF, such as being invaded, or the UN come marching down I-95, I would take my Saiga '74 and smith mod 15 .38 spcl revolver. If I came across a fallen UN soldier or anyone with a better weapon, such as a nice M16 or M4 (full auto baby), I'm taking it. I'd kiss my 74, then toss it. It's not that I don't like my '74, but w/e the enemy is using is going to be in abundance, ammo, all that. Plus I'm comfortable with both AK and AR platforms. Although I might just take the auto lower receiver off said M16/M4 and try and find a gas piston upper for it. Then I'd sadly depart from my '74. =( EDIT: Now if it we're the Zombie apocalypse.. I'd pack all my gun in my '82 Silverado with I-beam bumpers and roll around going mad max on everyone of them undead bastards.
  9. Beautiful, how you liking that Magpul stock?
  10. A good way to check the Tantal to see if century screwed with the barrel/trunion, is take the dust cover off and check the barrel we're it mates with the reciever, if it's smooth like our saiga's then it's more than likely the right and original barrel. However if it's "checkered" then it's not the original and it's a cheap POS. Checkering means that they snatched the original barrel out, checkered the new barrel, and popped it back in. When you first mate a barrel to the trunion/reciever, it's a life deal.
  11. blated through 300 rounds of 5.45, it's fair to say I have my shoulder bump firing down.

  12. I can't decide whether I like the plum or not. No offense, but I never can avoid being reminded of that "fabulous" old movie, "Zorro, the Gay Blade": ;-) Russian Plum FTW
  13. lol be like chris costa and have two lights/lazers on the gun. I watched this already, some sweet guns shown there. I hope when Nutn' reviews the S12 he reviews both a converted and non converted one. That way viewers will know what you CAN do to your stock Saiga 12.
  14. As I understand it, a pipe cutter will not cut the shroud flush with the FSB. That leaves you with roughly half an inch of shroud still in place. correct, but depending on what brake/compensator you plan on installing might not require the entire shrouded area, so a pipe cutter would be adequate depending on what you plan on installing. Also remember that the Saigas (besides .308) have a longer barrel profile than normal AK's, and by that I mean the shrouded area/barrel past the FSB.
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