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  1. are there any updates or has anyone found a screw on suppressor for the s-12? i saw a video of one on you tube i think or somewhere but it think the whole barrel was suppressed....thanks for any info
  2. Oh, I could take this quote in so many directions... Ok, back on a more serious note. The Tango Down grip that PA mentioned is a good choice. Chaos makes a nice VG as well. Lol yeah I didnt think about what I was typing till after I wrote it lol..... And oliverb that was actually the grip I was looking at but wasn't sure if it was a solid piece or not
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! I just don't want to get somethin that will feel hollow or soft in my hand, I'm lookin for a solid feel.
  4. does anyone have some input on them? im looking for one for my rifle but no one locally has any that i like the ones i have felt are the ergo styly grips and i am not liking them....which ones are yall using
  5. when i was putting my rail covers on my quad rail i had my rifle standing up on the butt stock and it slipped and the front sight hit me in the face and gave me a cut next to my nose and a bruise
  6. well i got to shoot my rifle today for the first time after the conversion, i put 130 rounds through it and it fired flawlesly and smoothly...the tapco trigger group really makes a good gun better....anyway i quickly sighted in the replica i had thrown on my quad rail and it performed pretty well the scout style mounting wasnt to bad to get used to....still doing my research on the scopes though the millet is out cause i think its to much for this gun maybe when i start on my ar ill pick up one fo that looks like the vortex or the pk are in the running
  7. I threw my replica aimpoint off of my tacticool 10/22 on my rifle today and I don't know if I'm liking the scout style mounting and my rifleis super heavy on the front side hmmmm
  8. thanks for all the input and info.....i took a trip to austin today and had a chance to visit with my unce who is retired military and told me to hold off on my purchase cause he is gonna try to hook me up with a military issue eotech im onna give him a month i he doesnt come through its either the millet or the pk
  9. well since my b-day is comming up...i would like a day with my buddies, this past year ha been horrible for my family and i have lost touch with alot of my friends that would be ideal for me.....and a 1911 colt
  10. ok i kinda narrowed it down to the vortex, the pk, or im also lookin into a millet dms....i like the vortex and the millet cause of the magnification and have read good reviews on both....i like the pk-as-v because of the black dot and it looks like it belongs on these rifles....hmmm
  11. lol you better start laughin cause i got the quad rail from utg ha ha wel im going to do alot of research before dving into an optic glad i got some info and input...thanks again
  12. thank you for the replies, i will look into the pk...it looks intresting i am not sure on my mount yet i have a quad rail so i was considering a scout style mount, i am going to look into this bushnell as well...thanks to you both what about magnification? i know this is not a longrange rifle but maybe a 2x-4x? is it worth it?
  13. hi, i have some questions.....i would like a decent optic for my converted rifle i use this gun for the occasional hunt, range, home protection, etc. i love my saiga i try to use it for everything.....so what can you reccomend? what are yall using? ive seen some people using vortex, any reviews? what about using aimpoint or eotech clones? i went to a gun show today and had a chance to mess with an eotech sight and a replica and could hardly tell the difference if any at all, thanks for the help!
  14. taurus .45 in the dresser or ak next to the bed or sks in the hall closet along with my 870 bird gun
  15. thanks a bunch thats what was confusin me was the shot size
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