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  1. Nice attitude, dude. I do it because I can, many people have wanted to learn also, it is fun, and many find it fun as well. If it is fun, it is not a waist. I also have C3 stuff as well. But not everyone can bump fire and S12 or a socom (can't find the vid) here is just one of my guns that don't bump fire please excuse the cappy vid, Photobucket tends to tear them up.
  2. All this is bumping a S12 but the last little bit it a G18
  3. Just to piss people off that don't like the idea
  4. Only 6 inches down my pants, & they still can't handle it. N.S.F.Y.W. (not safe for your wife) I built this kit for R&D, wondering why none are sold this short. This is six inches (now show your wife). It has a total OAL of fourteen and five eighths, measuring strait from muzzle back. It has a box measurement of fifteen and three quarter. If I wanted to make some of my own parts, I could get it down to five and five eights of an inch on the Bbl. (now who said "size matters") It's good for three rounds 2+1 (don't tell her that). The strap on the front was done instead of a g
  5. Here is one I am working on, both pics have two shells in flight.
  6. Yes, German. No, they could not have them. The import marks blast of in prep of finish. I have only seen 22".
  7. Maybe try a nato length stock with a pussy pad on it. I did that to one and it fit me (6'1") and the guy I sold it to (6'6").
  8. I have developed a good relationship with my mistress and all her friends. I find my self fondling them, not only at night but all times of the day. Sometimes more then one at a time. My Ex has caught me sleeping with a few, on more then one occasion. My new girly don't like the stains the lube leaves on the bed, And thinks I'm a little loud while developing a stronger relationship with my "Most Reliable". My girly looks at me with jealousy as I pet, stroke, and lube. And she really can't stand it when I take pics of them and post them on the net. Naw, I don't think it's that bad <(den
  9. What's that saying? som'n like.... Everyone wants a peice of ass, NOT a smartass. . . . ;-) . . lol
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