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  1. What year was the Saiga shotgun first made?
  2. What about 22LR ammo? Subsonic and supersonic ammo both sound pretty scary!
  3. A few people tried to rob me a few blocks down from the Killingsworth shooting earlier this year. My G-17 came in handy for that one. I'd suggest everyone legal keep armed around here. Especially at night. No more P-64 for a while (7 shots). It'll be the G-17 on my side for the foreseeable future. Portland is the only city where you can get Sam Adams without being 21.
  4. What'd you pay for shipping from CDNN? I can't find any local dealer that has a price anywhere close to CDNN.
  5. Cobra will modify your current FCG or sell you a new one with overtravel. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=42496
  6. Got my two today. Looking nice and were packed well. Now to do some
  7. My order that was on a credit card shipped today. Order #117XX. Looking forward to another couple drums!
  8. Not sure from the picture but it looks like the top hammer spring might be pushing against the disconnector.
  9. It sounds like your gun is under gassed. Lube in the gas system is a pretty big no no. It is going to get gummy really quick from the gas.
  10. These look awesome and a 22lr Saiga sounds cool depending on the price. But if they only have 10 round mags I won't be buying one. Perhaps they are 10 rounds for import reasons?
  11. I've been playing BC2 for the last few days. It's awesome in spite of the server issues that have been occurring. Lets not forget the best part there's a Saiga 20 in game!
  12. If you plug in a headset the voice chat will be routed to it. Then just set the headset somewhere you can't hear it.
  13. Fitting is a one time deal and doesn't take very long. It's a lot easier to remove material than adding it. Loose mags bug the hell out of me.
  14. misternt


    Great looking Saiga. What muzzle device is that?
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