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  1. ill look at the casing, but yes i have 4 of the lee FCD in other calibers and love them. guess ill be buying oen at the next gun show for me then.
  2. i made a dummy round last night using a LC 69 casing. i use a RCBS .308 WIN SB T/C die set P/N:15507 and am using the crimp on it, ive had issues with it before on over crimping and deforming the brass but have fixed it. my dummy round had no issues with chambering from out of a mag.
  3. oh yeah sorry, forgot a 0. case trim length is 2.006" well i was checking my different loads i spotted something, didnt think much of it till now. all the rounds that i am having issues with are of the same casing, "Gavin 91" not to sure how a different mfg of brass would effect it from closing fully, but it think there lies my problem.
  4. ill get a picture of the reloaded rounds after dinner. but factory round did was it should have done, so i then went and resized a casing with out changing anything, and it also chambered correctly. the 147gr is loaded to 2.72" and the 168gr is loaded to 2.76"
  5. im having a bit of a hard time getting my 308 reloads to work with in my saiga. for some reason my bolt does not want to fully close. i am using a full length RCBS sizing die, and am trimming the case to 2.06" and seating the 147gr mil spec pull down bullet to the cannelure and a mild crimp. here the round passed the "plunk" test this is the result of a full charge (pulling the charging handle back all the way and letting it go) any suggestions and help is greatly appreciated.
  6. very true indy, after i posted that, i thought a little more and come to the conclusion that it would be darn near impossible to find what powder was used, and the best way to go about it is to get a chronograph and get the velocity these are going and duplicate the results with a new powder. and of course im going to shoot and reload these rounds. what the fun at just looking at them? shouldnt let good things go to waist
  7. A friend of mine gave me a few 22-250 rounds that his old gunsmith made him but never gave him the recipe for them before he died. so i took one apart so far and got the initial data: C.O.L= ranges from 2.377 - 2.400 35.3gr of a ball type powder looks like a 55gr hornady #2265 SP or a #2260 SPSX any help will be great as to what the powder is, or could be. ill try to get some velocity data, but not sure when that would happen. on a side note any one know a good lead free 22-250 load?
  8. huh, well that sucks, i liked using that powder more than american select or unique, but i will use it all
  9. ive hit a gong out to 500 yds with my 16" with iron sights, and i was just resting the mag on the edge of the bench.
  10. wow, this is kinda an old post, hadnt had much time to get on with work and life. but ive used from day one hodgdon: clays universal for my standard pistol loads. with a 4gr charge it will put a 115gr cast bullet to 1034 starting load, and at 4.5gr to 1124. also i use alot of plated bullets and had no issues with them. as for it being clean, i put about 700 rounds through my berretta with out having jams or ejecting issues. hope that helps.
  11. thanks for the info indy, i was using a leapers red/green dot, but should have used iron sights, getting to the range is a bit hard b/c either i have to call and reserve the range with at least a days noticed or drive a half hour to BLM land for 5 or 10 shots. but i will do this and post my findings, just got to fix that ak denting issue, before all my brass is shot. will probably be 3 weeks till then b/c of army orders. -Gopher
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