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  1. citadel

    Citadel's Saiga

  2. citadel

    What to play a game? Part 4

    Sweet Deal! I'll take 1181, 518, and 1229! Thanks much! Citadel Edited for number taken (111 to 1181)
  3. citadel

    How far does a Saiga 12 eject shells?

    If I use 3" magnums, they fly far enough to tap the guy at the bench next to me. He wasn't a happy camper. It was either that or the fact that he set up his targets about 50 yards behind mine. He was shooting his little AR and returned with a target full of big holes. I told him his target was in my lane. Anyhow, my s-12 seems to eject pretty far, and the bolt comes back with a vengeance, even on setting 1. Trying a gunfixer to slow it down a bit and one of those twister pucks to help vent the excess gas. I'm hoping that should save on the bolt, trunnion, and protect the guy on the bench to my right.
  4. I got a mercury recoil reducer in my shotty and it does seem to reduce the recoil. Since I put it in, I shot around 100 3" magnum slugs at the range in one day. I had it installed by Cobra76two on this site. I appreciate it, and I'm going to include the reducer in future mods to my saiga. Citadel
  5. citadel

    My trip to the range

    I got my rail and warthog in from chaos this past friday. I also got my heat-shield and buttstock back from cobra 76 with the mercury recoil reducer installed. And I got a chance to try out my new puck from e-tac, gunfixer plug, and my MD Drums. I took my cousin and brother-in-law along to help me reduce my stockpile of 3" slugs. The warthog drew lots of attention from the other range-goers and many people were amazed to see a drum fed shotgun. Unfortunately, range rules only allow 5 rounds loaded at any time so I was unable to enjoy the full effect of the drums (I got a couple 2 3/4" just for the drums). When using the drum, I had to turn the gunfixer to setting 3 just to keep it feeding properly, although I seem to remember reading something about adjusting spring tension I may try later. Once adjusted, the drums performed flawlessly. When we switched over to the 3" slugs, the mercury recoil reducer made all the difference in the world. I could have fired those all day. My relatives had never fired a shotgun before and were a little bruised at the end of the day, but I survived without a mark. We were on our way to the 200 round mark when the chaos rail came loose. We got home and I looked at the kit chaos sent with the rail and they included a longer screw to secure the rail. I was lazy and used the shorter factory screw. So all is well with the chaos rail, I just should have used the stuff they sent. Still got to clean everything up, and I'll see how well the new e-tac puck kept everything clean. It was a great day at the range, and overall everything went well. This forum is great place for information and I'm glad I found out about those must have products like the gunfixer plug, services offered like Cobra 76's recoil reducer, or great deals like I got on the chaos rail. Citadel
  6. citadel

    Want to play a game? Part 3

    Best of luck and thanks man! 518 or 0518
  7. citadel

    Holy lead-fouling batman

    For me I can only shoot slugs at my local range and whenever I clean mine with my tornado brush, it looks the same. Between using the tornado brush and my new cleaning jag, I can keep my barrel nice and pretty. Now if I can just find a way to keep that gas tube clean.
  8. citadel


    I'm in! Thanks for the help man Chris IZ-09 Unconverted edit: note to self, check for results before posting, lol. congrats pt 92
  9. citadel

    Well....I guess ill start a free giveaway thread

    I'm in Thanks for the generosity! Chris IZ-09 unconverted
  10. citadel

    Question on gas valve

    thanks for the link. I looked at my gas knob and it makes a lot more sense. My next question is how much wear or contact is expected between the bolt carrier group and the rear trunnion block? Mine looks like I took a ball peen hammer to it. Chris IZ-09 Unconverted
  11. citadel

    Question on gas valve

    I purchased my new Saiga 12 about a month ago and have been trolling these forums for a couple months. I put 100 slugs through it so far (75 2 3/4" and 25 3" slugs) and it shoots wonderfully but what a difference in that extra quarter inch! It seems as if there is some excessive contact between the rear of my bolt carrier group and the rear trunnion block. Now what I'm thinking is this isn't normal and maybe I'm getting too much gas back through the piston. So I would like to try shooting it with reduced gas setting. I've been shooting on setting 1. That's with the gas plug all the way screwed in and backed out about an 1/8 of a turn. If I back it out any further will that allow more or less gas back through? I understand I will need a certain amount to allow the gun to cycle and function properly, but I am hoping for a little less and prevent the bolt carrier from hammering the trunnion. Chris IZ-09 unconverted
  12. I don't believe any bans will be happening immediately. If something happens, it will happen later, possibly after a big scare about rising crime or something. I don't believe that these guns will be confiscated, but grandfathered in. Chris