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    I grew up in NW Nebraska on a ranch, and enjoyed shooting at an early age. Photography was also one of my great interests. There are many things that interest me, that's the problem. Science, technology, history, weaponology, forensics, chemistry, anything that is different is exciting to me.

About Me

Born in western Nebraska and grew up on a ranch. Started shooting when I was around 8. Handled and shot a variety of firearms over the years, many Rugers, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Winchester, Savage, etc,... and of course Taurus and Beras handuns.


Lived for a number of years in Seattle, WA when I worked for Boeing as a machinist. Had an FFL when I was there and did some sideline work as a pistol smith.


Before moving out to Michigan, I had moved back to Nebraska from Seatte, and was self employed for a time, then worked as a Deputy Sherrif for 8 years. Also worked there for Egging Comany, as a Radial Drill press operator for a while, building various parts for Catepillar Heavy Equipment. Egging Co. was a supplier of nearly 300 parts for various Catepillar machines.


I work in SW Michigan as an Associate Winemaker, near Fennville. Live on 10 acres, isolated enough in the country to let me have a pretty decent shooting range in my back yard.


My personal website, related to shooting is at http://taurus45acp.com which has links for many sites for supplies, and Second Amendment Rights info, as well as NRA-ILA feed. My didgeridoo site is at http://vernsdidj.com both sites work with or wihout the www.



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