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  1. about a month or 2 ago I read that the Russians we renogotiating some sort of import agreement with one or more of the major distributors. as with many of the things we read on the internet it may not be true.
  2. Well so far so good... I got everything out ok. But I guess that's the easy part. painted the exposed metal. Now I just have to wait for the parts. I was hoping to get them today but it does not looked like the parts shipped. Thank you everyone for your help.
  3. I just ordered the complete pistol grip convertion kit from CSS. Is that really everthing I need? If I follow their videos will it get me completely through the pistol grip conversion? I have one other question. what is the issue (mistake) that sometimes causes it go into fully automatic fire? I'm sure when the kits comes in I will have way more questions. But I have to do this. I have been putting it off for months.
  4. OK I'm taking the plunge. I'm going to do the trigger / pistol grip conversion on my .223 Saiga. Before I buy this stuff I want to confirm what trigger. Do I get the Tapco double or single hook trigger? What is the differnece?
  5. It's good to know there may be help close by. Does the modification change the balance of the rifle? I have it in a Siaga collapsible but stock now. The balance does not feel right. I'm thinking that's why so many people do the mod.
  6. I have been on the fence about doing the trigger / pistol grip conversion on my .223 Saiga. I have decided I'm going to take the plunge in the next 30 days. If I run into a jam is there anyone on the Atlanta, GA area that might be able to help me out?
  7. Is anyone on here from the Atlanta area? If so do you know of any public land that one could go to and plink. I do have a membership at a nearby range. However, I would like to go some place fun to plink with out having to sit at a shooting bench. For example Id love to be able to shoot rapid fire which is not permitted.
  8. What about Wally World and avoid the shipping? I bought 4 boxes of the Tula .223 and if was 5 and change per box. I think everyone was sticking it to us with the Obama scare. I
  9. If that's true maybe I should go with the Tapco. I don't really need the top rail for optics. I already have a side mounting rail. It just looked like a nice clean fit and finish. I do not want to make my rifle less accurate.
  10. I have trouble with iron sights on my Saiga. My eyes just aren't what they used to be. Plus I would like to have night sights on my Saiga. Has anyone tried these? Will they work on the Saiga too. http://www.meprolight.com/default.asp?catid={3784A9DB-043B-461E-89AD-6ADB860359FD} Also, has anyone tried the Midwest Industries hand guard? Do you like it? I was thinking about the UTG or the Tapco but I came across this. It is more expensive but I like it. I was going to get the Tapco because I've heard too many things about the UTG. This one also look less bulky then the UTG. h
  11. I was thinking my Saiga would be a secondary weapon for home defense and a laser could be a good option. Is it more comfortable to hold then the UTG? Are there any better alternatives to either?
  12. I am close to making a decision on a forearm stock. I'm leaning towards the the Tapco forearm stock because I like the way it looks and I think it will be less bulky then say the UTG. I plan in mounting a forearm grip, laser and possibly a light. Will I have any issues with maintaining 0 with the laser because the Tapco is plastic? I already have a UTG side mount for a red dot or scope so I was thinking I would not need a 4 rail stock. If anyone has feedback please reply.
  13. I was not worried about it. I didn't think there was much of a difference. I'm going to buy more
  14. This weekend I I decided to try 5.56 in my .223 Saiga. I have seen several posts on this forum and all said it was OK. I shot about 40 rounds. However, it seemed like the muzzle flash was much bigger and it was way louder then .223. The recoil seemed about the same but that could have been because I was shooting a k98 just before that. Is it just me?
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