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  1. Talked to both A.J. and Jim Fuller at Riffle Dynamics, regarding this issue the Saiga barrels have a 90 deg hole on barrel and the hole in the Bolton is 45 deg - also I'm using an Ultimak rail gas tube same length as oem gas tube. What Rifle Dynamics does with the Saigas is weld the 90 deg barrel port and re-drill a 45 deg port forward about 3/8" to make them index. I was Leary about tigging the barrel as well, but they say they have done hundreds with no issues. I'll see when I get it back. Lessons learned: Some advice for those that want this type of configuration, after removal of the FSB and gas block have barrel hole welded and re-drill the 45 deg hole, thread and crown then bead blast and finish with molly resin. also what I did was use JB weld and sanded the pin groves and dimples from the FSB and dimples from the gas block and painted the barrel from the end of the Bolton Sight Gas Block ( Bolton was also bead blasted and coated with Molly) forward with Brownells Aluma Hyde Mat Black. It is very close to the Flat Black Norrell's Molly Resin and looks great. There are those that have negative thoughts about using JB but It sure seems a lot better then welding and having the the barrel turned which requires it to be removed as well. Will post pics when I get it finished.
  2. Grima, is this a similar design that the new Saiga 12's are coming out with? Without the mag-well will it function with drum mags? Please show us what you did and what fitment is required.
  3. Mine is on the shelf, I totally agree with you Gunfixer, that "the BHO should be manually released, as that way it cannot release at an inappropriate moment." Let me know what you come up with. The up side to the debacle is that I cleaned up (Bead Blasted and Moly Resin) my S12 and dressed up it's furniture a bit.
  4. On the barrel where the first gas block pin was, the new one goes further back keeping that one exposed.
  5. Will JB hold up to the heat or should I use silver solder on it? Decisions decisions....
  6. Back to the shop for me same problems as gunfixer, I ended up &%$#ing the 1st one up so Tom sent the free replacement. I talked to Jim Fuller about it and he believes that the gun should remain as intended. Really glade I didn't carve into my receiver until I got 100% results. I may put this on e-bay I am just not convinced it will work and have the desired operation. Let more testers come forward and compare notes before I'm continuing any more fitting, like stated way to many variables on fitment.
  7. Thanks James, yes I was looking and leaning towards the FSC47 a bit deafening according to the reviews and pricey but considering form and function it will probably be the one . As for item #3 (as pictured) I am referring to the Krebs KCI 08 it has the device over a shim to hide the marks as per krebs but it's unavailable. I can deal with the Bolten and it arrived today so it will be installed, Jim Fuller over at rifle dynamics uses these for good reason and I believe lessening the forward weight is a lot better for me on my X39 platform, I tend to be more practical with my weapons. With that said It doesn't seem to phase me anymore when I see the pics of some members rifles or shoties, I mean how much stuff can one put on a rifle/shot gun, I thought the bottle opener on a S12 was one of the best I've seen but I'm sure sooner or latter I will see a CD player and a Margarita maker stuffed on one as well. To each his own and especially great for the vendors Thank you for the advice on adjusting elevation, my sighting confidence is strong. The bolten part is very well made and fitment is perfect, it is from Venom a lot of pride put into there products, the Venom spc-ops rifles are some of the best around IMHO.
  8. I decided to upgrade my 7.62 Saiga with the Texas Weapons System Dog Leg Rail, Bolten Sight Gas Block and refinish with a Bead Blast, K-Phos and coat with Norrell's Molly Resin and reassemble to 922 Compliance. I had a Bulgi 74 and never liked the weight etc. so I removed it and the gas block to make room for the upgrades. I've been searching the net for days looking for ideas, and had quotes upwards of $300 for the damn blemishes! That one was for removing Bbl weld, turn, thread and bead blast. Now what I need is some of the great advice that this forum is known for: any ideas on how to proceed with the business end of this rifle. When removing the Front Sight Block there are 2 dimples on the right and left side of barrel as well as 2 scores where the pins were on the bottom of the FSB - the rear score is 2 3/16 aft of the muzzle. Also keep in mind here in this wonderful state of mine we can NOT use a Flash Hider so the muzzle device must be a Comp/ Brake. Also let us remain on topic and not get hijacked with the "omg you better be in compliance when cutting the barrel" Lets just assume we all agree it Will be done In Accordance with state and federal law/laws and more laws!!. God Bless America My Country Amen.... OK here are some ideas floating around and or suggested on this situation and will or may be helpful to the others that go to the Bolten Sight Gas Block configuation as well: 1. Barrel be cut (IAWLL etc.) threaded/crowned at 3.5" and install a barrel 4" Barrel extension with device attached and soldered? Will this affect rifling and or accuracy? 2. Have Barrel dimples and scores welded then turned then threaded Crowned and device attached soldered? This idea is very co$tly and would be away 2 months...and requires barrle removal. 3. Find a Muzzle device that will slip and thread onto barrel hiding the ugly blemishes onto Bbl >2 3/16" I like this the best if only Krebs had one like he has on the gun catalog #7 except with a comp/brake 4. Move out of state, to say Mo, cut of the bad parts thread it call it SBR and pay the tax? The country needs the money................ 5. I'm am leaving option #5 to you guys, help me come up with somthing good so I can at least shot my gun in the next couple of weeks. Lets see where this goes
  9. I totally agree I used J-B Weld on one of my S12's and after + 300 rounds is holding up great, did mine by putting the the tape inside the receiver and after 24 hrs took down excess with small orbital sander then painted with Brownells Aluma Hyde II. I am updating that S12 so it's getting ready for some fresh paint. I also think the Aluma Hyde II also assists in the bond. So save a head ache spend $6.00 bucks and have great results. Oh and for you non believers, you can also use J-B Weld on your receivers to cover up those nasty grind marks that so many get from over grinding the weld.... kind of like bondo and will be just fine after coating. JB.bmp
  10. Good day all, here is a link that has many ammo vendors for a quick comparison. I hope it's in the forum guidelines . I've had some good deals at Ammo To Go on Shot Gun XX as well as 223 and 7.62 but you can shop around using this link to J&G and many more. http://billstclair.com/ammo.html
  11. if you look at my pics post #129 you can get a good view of the notch where the lrbho catchs the carrier , if youve cycled youre gun enough you should be able to see a wear mark on the lrbho . i just used a triangle file , it shouldnt take much with pressure from the carrier spring wedging it in there. Thanks, works like a charm. Now some minor fine tuning and I should be good to shoot.
  12. My LRBHO is functioning as it was intended however I don't want the bolt to close when I insert a mag. I saw JLangs video but not 100% clear on the notch he put in the rear of the LRBHO, videos and pic are great BTW. I have seen it discussed in the threads but wondering if there is a sure way to do it that is working for those that like that set up.
  13. Nope 12 GA all the way! Hey there Mr. Saiga 12 purist, this is a pretty badass gun. Who wouldn't want the 2 most influential rifles in the world...IN 12GA!?!? It'd make a great addition to my exotic shotgun collection. A 12GA AK-47, and a 12GA "M-16." I get enough dropped jaws when I tell people about my Shotgun AK-47. Who says it has to REPLACE the Saiga? Jesus, you can own more than one style of shotgun. So quick to snub out a competitor JUST cuz it's not your Saiga. Hell these are cool looking shotguns, who wouldn't want a dreaded "black gun" in 12GA? I totally disagree, the Saiga 12 is in a class all it's own, and offers more personalizing. The thing looks like and AR.
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