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  1. Congrats on survivng the Tromix birthday bash guys.
  2. But put a can on 10/22 and just hear the bolt slide back and forth, or on my Savage Mark II (bolt) I just hear a firing pin click. Its real handy for not spooking the animals in the barnyard.
  3. Fix the old saw. The differences in the past 10 years have really cheapened up saws. I started cutting with an old homelite ( ya..ya rub it in). That saw would chew through anything. Seen some abused mccoulaghs chug along pretty good too. This coming from a Stihl guy. I second the idea that if/when you buy new, go pro. My MS 310 has been in the shop more than I thought it would be. My 440 runs great though.
  4. Probably needs it to defend his parking spot in Midtown (seller is from Harrisburg, Pa)
  5. Mike, Glad to see the prototypes are rolling out. I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with any of the capacities listed. The metal tab in the front lug is a big plus for me, staying true to the Russian design.
  6. Kill it with fire.... that screw sucks/has sucked/ will suck. I'm a firm beliver some anti-gun nut works in the factory and has the exact torque # to apply the maximum without breaking the screw. That's my theory and I'm stickin to it.
  7. I have a hole in my Tromix shirt...only took 6 years. I'm in no way complaining about that.
  8. Back in the days of fabricating almost everything, vjor (I think) was making press plates. I don't think they sold very well though and fell by the wayside.
  9. I don't haggle, just don't have it in me. That being said I've developed a good relationship with the local shop and they knock off a % every time. Its the silent haggle method
  10. Depending on your application its worth it. Since PA lets you hunt with them, the hoops were worth it for me. I can now get all the pesky groundhogs around the barnyard with my .22 and the other animals don't know what is going on. This is especially true if I can ever find CCI Quiet again.
  11. Ya know....it wasn't that long ago that I was in school. We actually made a projectile device or two. wonder how we made it out alive?
  12. This sounds like the bigger issue... not like the OS is going to be abandoned next week.
  13. Don't step on a ground nest of them...makes you want to re-think life
  14. uh-huh... bout a two hour road trip from here..but my truck needs unobtanium tires to get there.
  15. Legend of Zelda on Phillips CD-I This was not possible, and the crappy controller didn't help matters. I was never a fan of the Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat Games because up, up, down, down, left, up, A, down, B, put your left foot in should not be a keystroke combination to throw a punch
  16. RPKs (in theory) make half decent work of this. That being said, its easier with my Stihl
  17. It looks like the vendor that used to carry the factory wood stocks doesn't anymore. My google-fu is weak tonight and I'm not finding any other leads for factory setups. Its a shame that Battlerifle's stuff isn't more available.
  18. Lounge singing you say? Submit to the master of cheesy lounge music.. For the slightly more disturbing..
  19. Slip on Limbsavers are a great place to start. I have one on my 10 gauge to tame down the turkey loads.
  20. While I don't like it, the only option I would have is to "deactivate" my account Its their ball and their court. You still have local newspapers, craigslist, forums,etc Or the dreaded gun shows! Oh the humanity!
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