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  1. It was advertised as a Bulgarian surplus magazine, and I can verify that it was made from steel. The vendor I purchased this magazine from is very reputable, and I have made SEVERAL purchases from them without a single issue. I'm going to purchase another one and see if I have the same problem. Hopefully it was a fluke, but I thought it needed to be documented somewhere.
  2. It's not like it cost a small fortune, so I'll probably buy another one at the next gun show and give it another try. I've never had any issues with my magazines, but I guess there's a first time for everything. The magazine didn't APPEAR to have any defects, and it while it did show some use, it wasn't a clunker. Hell, I have some older magazines that look like they've been to hell and back, and they work just fine every time. Hopefully it was a fluke :]
  3. It was Steel and advertised as surplus. It was in great shape, from what I could tell. I put it side by side with a mil-surplus steel Bulgarian 30 rounder (which has never given me a single problem) and they appeared to be identical (aside from the obvious difference in capacity). I threw the magazine away (I wasn't thinking about posting this at the time, I apologize) but I found a picture from a sale on Gunbroker.com which advertises the same magazine. It looked identical to that one. EDIT: I should also say that in my original post, I referred to the magazine as "new". I
  4. Hello :] I recently purchased a new Bulgarian 40 round magazine for my 7.62x39 Saiga. I've done the conversion (with Dinzag's awesome bullet guide), and it accepts standards AK-47 magazines. In particular, the Bulgarian 30 round magazines have worked really well for me; there have been no jams with those. I decided to try a Bulgarian 40 rounder. I examined it, when I bought it, and it appeared to be in good shape. When I got it home, I put it side by side with my 30 rounders, and they looked identical, except for the overall length (obviously). I took the 40 rounder out to the range y
  5. I figured as much, he came very highly recommended by all sorts of people, but I figured one more opinion on these forums might do it's part to persuade someone else to buy from him. One thing I DIDN'T read on these forums(perhaps they're there, but I didn't see them), is that the steel is 4140. I'm sure most people(at least the kinds of people who browse these forums) know what that is, but I was fairly surprised when I got the part. Most of the custom made parts I've ordered in the past (which is why I try not to order custom parts) are very cheap and scream low quality. 4140 is good st
  6. I wanted to convert my Saiga to accept standard AK magazines, and upon recommendation from users of this forum, I found myself ordering from Dinzag. I found a few bullet guides, but I am VERY careful about ordering parts made by an individual. There are some really half-assed "machinists" out there. I can't compare Dinzag's parts to anyone elses, because this is the only bullet guide I've purchased. The shipping only took about 2-3 weeks, but his site says 6-8, and either way... it's well worth the wait for the parts you get. Just be patient and they will come. I have so many projects goi
  7. I do have to admit, that's pretty neat. You can't go wrong with too many rails! You never know what you might want to add to your rifle later on :]
  8. Personally, I like the Tapco Galil! It's very comfortable, for my hands. I've had 0 issues with it coming loose, and I've never had a problem with it overheating. It's not uncommon for me to go shooting in 95-105 degree F weather (Texas is hottttt), and it's not an issue at all. I'd recommend this piece any day :]
  9. It says on his website that it's because of the large amount of orders (which is a good sign, because it just means his parts are popular!), but I don't really care all that much. 4-6 weeks is well worth the wait, when it comes to a quality-made part. I'm very excited :]
  10. I went ahead and decided to go with adding the bullet guide (now that I have a couple of people confirming that it's a part of quality [and exceptional quality at that]). Thank you very much for the input, it definitely swayed my decision. The shipping time says 4-6 weeks, and I'm sure I'll install it the day it comes in the mail, so I'll make a post confirming as to whether or not this solved my problem (which I'm more than sure it will). Thanks again, Imarangemaster!
  11. Which bullet guide would you recommend? Through Google, I found "Dinzag", who makes them, but I couldn't find any feedback on the quality of this piece. I was a little weary of purchasing this piece, and making changes to my weapon without really knowing whether or not the part was a quality piece. The 922r compliance parts of the magazine really aren't an issue either way, my current parts count allows me to use any magazine I wish. I've replaced the stock, handguard, gas piston, trigger group, and added a pistol grip and muzzle break. All of these parts are made in America, so I think I
  12. I work at a Boat dealership, which has a very well equipped machine shop, and a welder with 40 years of experience. He's offered to do it for me at no charge (after hours), and claims that this would be a very quick and easy fix to make. I was just making sure there wasn't a vendor that I could purchase a new mag-catch-lever from, before I ask someone for a favor. It's starting to look like repairing the lever is my best bet. I don't know what the man I bought this rifle from was thinking. Why would someone file the lever down, and not add a bullet guide? Maybe he just didn't know any bett
  13. I recently acquired a Saiga 7.62x39 in like-new condition, for 125 bucks. It was at a gun show, and I made a very thorough evaluation of the rifle before I purchased it. Unfortunately, examining the mag-catch lever was not something on my list of things to examine. Doh. The lever has been filed down, but no bullet guide has been installed. This leaves me with a rifle that will allow standard magazines to fit (but not load the rounds), and Saiga magazines to loosely fit (causing jams left and right). I think I have a couple of options here: 1. I can install a bullet guide and my rifle
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