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  1. Best to just get online and have sent direct to FFL. I haven't seen them in too many gun shops in Bay Area. They need to have Mag lock and no hi-caps (+10) rounds. Conversions are fine as long as no folders or retractable stocks and they have to be over a certain length all together (I think 30" inches) from butt to end of barrel. Got mine from Arms of America, LLC located in AZ. They have good prices and will take care of you there.
  2. Anyone got the width and heith dimensions on the molle double pouches for 10 rounders and 12 rounders? I want to stack two under each arm on my recon plate carrier molle?
  3. I like the CAA X6 version. They look good. You can buy in a set or individual pieces. I bought set put the long connected strip on the bottom = 3 links. Then I put 4 individual links down left and right side. You can take off link if you want to add gadgets and get all tacticool. The 3 link bar bottom leaves room for foregrip too. You will end up with an extra 3 link unless you have the quad rail... but you could always use the extra part for target practice...
  4. El Hefe

    Bolt polishing

    Has anyone experimented with just loading a mag with one or two less rounds to see if the tension is less on a closed bolt? Maybe enough to keep from round deformation? Let me know, I have to keep mine locked up and it is a b*tch leaving a ten rounder engaged due to confiment of space in my safe.
  5. Put the you tube link up... It's friday, I need some entertainment.
  6. I take it I would need to remove the Cobra gas tube heat cover to place this top piece on. Is this part take more machining then the tri and quad rails? I was a little surprised that the price was $120 when the full tri-rail is normally $167.
  7. If your gun cycles all ammo very well is there any other reason to change out your gas puck? Or is the true benefit to this modified etac puck to be able to leave your gas block dirtier and not clean it as often?
  8. They all have there function that is why they have them in all sizes shapes and color. 2 rnds... Some ranges and hunting rules specify 5 rnds... Pretty standard shotgun good for mobility and tactical 8 rnds... Better than 5 and still can shoot in tactical situations 10 rnds... Getting a little donkey but less reloading at the range and who likes to spend all that time reloading? 12 rnds... Definetly donkey "D" but limited to the non-socialistic states (but now your shoulder is sore from slaming all those rounds in one swoop and you wish you were reloading instead) I won't even go i
  9. How often or how many rounds through should you worry about cleaning gas tube?
  10. El Hefe

    Mag vote

    Any reason only surefire makes the "donkey dong" 12 rounders and AGP hasn't ventured there???
  11. I just got my 4th of July special too... In regards to the upper side slats these are versatile in that their is not a designated left or right rail correct? I can use either one on either side right?
  12. They are good guys. I just bought an S-12 from them. Free shipping is great; got it in a week. I would advise calling all gun shops to check inventory before ordering online. Ask for Andrew, he is knowledgable and super helpful. They also are good for Californians since they have a B.B. model.
  13. El Hefe

    Stock Options

    4) Easy to change back. Obama administration will likely try to reinstate the "AR ban" and other controls like the Aussies, Brits, etc have. If gun laws change in the future and you only added a DIY stock, you can easily switch your Saiga to the factory Saiga buttstock (and maybe 2rd mags depending on future laws). Hope for the best, but always plan for the worst. Join NRA and vote for Ron Paul... /soapbox. I call grandfather rule!!! Even the Obama man can't take it away although you may have to register it as an assault rifle, pay a fee and abide by rules of use and transport and own it
  14. At least you get that option... I live in CA where they tell you how your gun can be! Damn the man! On that note can anybody give me advice on how I can pin a retractable Magpul CTR stock? Preferably it would be permanent in the eyes of the DOJ but not so permanent that with a light tool or two it could be reversed so I don't destroy a perfectly good stock. Besideds the fixed AK stock does anyone have suggestion or pictures of an asthetically pleasing and functional fixed stock?
  15. Why is the Tromix Flash Hider $86 and all the other Saiga US made 10 slot flash Hiders range from $44.95-$50? How does Chaos flash hider at $47 compare to the rest of the flash hidding competitors? Also SGM Tactical offers one for $39.95 any comments on that one? I think I will keep a flash hider on for HD and get a polychoke for the range. As easy as a twist cap!
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