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  1. He doesn't want to play anymore, because the libs lost the senate. Not to mention he's been slipping mentally for some time.
  2. New unfired Delton Dissipator upper with AAC Brakeout. keltec SU-16C YHM phantom FH30 rounds down range without a hiccup. Shipped with factory mag. Dissipator $490-shipped Keltec $520.-shipped Shipped to your FFL no CA SALES
  3. From what I understand the turtle issue was resolved years ago, and they have so many now that they are euthanizing them. Ive heard different sides of the story regarding whether the land is federal or not. The issue for me is this. Why does every God damn department of our government have an armed force ready to kick in your door?
  4. WTS /WTT New unused enhance ceracoated BCG. $180.00 shipped. Or trade for rifle length Moe HG ,moe stocks, buffer tube w/spring and buffer, upper receiver parts kit. Open to any comparable worth AR parts,
  5. Nice! That certainly runs like one of Mikes guns!
  6. This gun is like new in box. I've shot a few boxes through it,and its sat in the safe. I'm a lefty and I decided to go with the Smith M&P for the ambi slide stop and reversible mag release. It has everything that came in the box plus 4 -19 round mags. I took the gun and mag loader out of the box and put the rest in the safe untouched. This is a very reliable accurate pistol,but I will enjoy having a gun that I can work the slide stop with my thumb. The mag loader isn't in picture 1 but it is in picture 7 and is included. $500.00 +$20.00 shipped Trade offers welcome (no M&Ps ...
  7. Good price! Ive been looking for one. I have the Bodygaurd .38 and love it. Just need to sell my XDM 9mm.
  8. They have been taught that they are entitled their whole life. We live in a society where "homeless people" have cell phones. They need someone to grab them and scream WTF are you doing!? Wake up! There are other people on the planet besides you! Piss poor generation of parents.
  9. The owner of my company brought in a Glock 17 that he said someone gave him. It looked like he got it out of Davy Jones' locker. I had to hammer the slide open with a mallet. It was caked with rust,but I sprayed with kroil and wrapped it in a rag until the weekend. We took it out with no cleaning and I shot better groups with it than my XDM.
  10. Umm ....you took the because you listen to your customers? I will own this gun if you make a rail for it.
  11. This is a Thompson center Prohunter with flex-tech stock and a 20" fluted 45-70 barrel. It has a peepsight rear and fiber optic front. Its fun to shoot,but Im building a 450 bushmaster so it has to go! Under 100 rounds through it. Also have the 30-06 barrel for it posted earlier. Two screws new rifle. $600.00 and $25.00 shipping Or trade for 24" bull barrel .223 ar upper.Other offers welcome cross posted on AA
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