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  1. orginaly had very bad problems you are all talking about and even though my scope was bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a leapers new generation and I had 1/2 moa at 100 with my saiga 308 and match ammo. last 2 rds didnt want to reset my trigger to fire correctt though???
  2. Anyway to modify 308 model 100 mags so surefire or factory 8s will work?? Im so mad!!!!! I thought they bigger capa city mags would fit my model 100 that came with 2 3rd facgtory mags i thought i just had to buy the bigger factory and sure fire mags there has to be a way come on guys!!!!!!!
  3. thesze guide guns are very nice i have looked at them many of times
  4. if you are 18 no wonder you would ask such a question and they dont give FFL's to 180 year olds either. YOu need to go to the ATF ( Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms) web page and read all buying and trading and selling rules from in state and out of state tranactions and itll help you aout a lot if i ever have a questions i go to it. You dont need to do anything until yo uread it all and you know the LAW.
  5. when did i say i didnt get it from a store or i dont hold a FFL myself???
  6. I got it for around $600, trigger is great scale says around 4 lbs for a auto thats ridiculous
  7. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?act=Po...amp;qpid=384557 i bar mag just might work
  8. what do you all think of my new -30-06 siaga i want some bigger mags for the 30 cal shooters 30-06 siaga scroll down to see it Its really a 308 and i am so mad!!!!!!!!! iT wont take surefire or factory mags over 3rds. IS THERE ANYWAY TO MOD TO GET THE SUREFIRES OR FACTORY MAGS TO WORK IN A MODEL 100
  9. these are Awesome guns i will be owning a Guide gun in stainless before the year is out. I have been looking for some time
  10. great gun wwas my first rifle 15 years ago too
  11. harrris 6-9 or 9-13 for sure
  12. now thats a cool looking rig in the pic above
  13. Removing it and polishing it should do the trick
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