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  1. +1 for the Bushnell TRS-25. If you read reviews on this thing, they are outstanding. This thing will not fog up easily, it will take a serious beating and keep a zero, holding up the the recoil of 12ga is not even a problem and it is extremely low profile. The turn knob on it is almost tough to turn, which in my opinion is good because it locks into position on the different settings VERY well and won't get finnicky or loose on ya. There are 11 different brighness settigns and it is VERY easy to see the dot as well. Not only all these great things, but you can find it less than $100 (Usually a
  2. Thanks. I hate the ugliness of a plain clear mag although it is intimidating seeing the load of ammo. Wanted to keep that aspect and mix it with a traditional black mag. That was my first thought. Then thought back on a windows paint project I messed around with using a picture of my S12 (made it look all red with black S&H logos on it) and how I could bring that idea back a little. This is what came out. I'll post pics of finished MD20 when I finish it.
  3. Hey guys...sittin around one day tryin to be creative with some of my toys and after a spark idea and a few good long hours this is what I came up with. Put 2 coats of flat black and like 4 coats of polyurethane gloss clear coat on. I want these paint jobs to last a looong time and not have to worry about scratching up or anything. Hope you like. 1 Down, 1 to go still. May do the Red star and S&H on the front of my MD20 really large as well.
  4. I'll take it! Ha. PMing you for details.
  5. Selling a brand new condition CSS (Carolina Shooters Supply) aluminum billet quad rail hand guard for Saiga 12 shotgun. EXTREMELY rigid and very nice. Sells brand new on CSS's site for $160 as you see HERE. I'm asking $140 + shipping flat rate priority. This is cross posted, so timestamp wins. PM for details.
  6. Hey guys. I have had my CSS billet quad rail off of my S12 for a while trying to sell it. Haven't had much luck but I see the price went up on CSS for the rail. I am looking for an SGM quad rail to trade with some small $ alongside or perhaps one of these... with some cash along side. Otherwise I'd like to sell the quad rail for $140 + shipping. It is in brand new condition and has no dings or dents. Here is a picture of it... Here is a DIRECT LINK showing the price of what they currently cost. I will take PP, check or $ order but 1st come 1st serve. This is not cross po
  7. Combat boots, remain at original sale price Price bump on the CSS S12 quad rail...$130 + shipping. Immaculate condition. Tapco T6 stock price reduced to $30 + shipping. Price remains same on BUIS with XS BIG DOT sight post. Concealed Carry neoprene pistol belt remains same price. Surefire helmet light is same price. Still have a single S12 factory stock for sale POLYCHOKE HAS BEEN SOLD
  8. Hey sorry for the late response. Unfortunately I have been forced to come to 2 weeks of required annual training for the Ohio Army National Guard and I'll be out of town until the 21st. I promise I'll get evrything ready to mail out as soon as I get back as I obviously can't do that right now. I have extremely limited internet access here so I won't be on here much. This is in reference to any1 else that may want an item as well. Thanks.
  9. This guy did great business with me. Sold me a "used" piece of merchandise that to me, looked BRAND NEW, for an amazing price. Would buy again. Thanks destroytec!
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