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  1. I bought my S-308 back in 2006 and it came with a threaded barrel w/ flash hider equipped. I bought a muzzle brake for it but it didnt fit the threads. Im no millwright so i know jack about thread sizes/pitches. I do know it is reveresed threads. Im not sure if this thread job was after market or factory. How do i find my thread size numbers?
  2. Ak_Rider

    Use any s12 or vepr brake on the s20!

    Hell yes!!!!!!! I would buy this in a heart beat. You got a money making idea right here my friend. Pursue it.
  3. Ak_Rider

    Magazine dropping out after firing

    So after removing my JT mag release and filing it down to the size of the original mag release, assisted by sunnybean, i re-installed it and test fit my factory mag and SGM mag which both seem to fit fine. Then off to the range for a test fire. Upon shooting my factory Russian 5 round mag continued to drop out after the first initial shot. But the SGM mag never fell out after firing but sometimes never pushed the shells all the way to the top which resulted in a stove pipe or the LBHO engaging which in return I just pressed up on the slide release and loaded it. So I guess i have a few situations. 1: Why is the factory mag still dropping out and the SGM is not? 2: Why is my SGM mag not pushing my shells to the top all of the time even after i removed the 'follower' and sanded down the sides to remove friction? Before i do more sanding I just wanted to know any other options.
  4. Ak_Rider

    Magazine dropping out after firing

    Since I threw away my stock mag release that came with my Vepr-12 I dont have anything to compare my new JT mag release too when it comes to how much I need to file it down. I could guess and and file it then install it then remove it, then file it again all untill it find the right fit. But would really help me you guys could give me a messurement of your JT mag release length. I had such a hard time intalling the first time I smashed my damn stool.
  5. Ak_Rider

    Magazine dropping out after firing

    Yes it is a JTE extended mag release I purchased from CSS. I had a bitch of a time installing it with the magwell in the way and then having to remove it again in order to file it down so it would seat properly on the rear end of the mag. So what could i do to the spring to help this situation? I was just going to file the top of the release some more untill I get that nice 'click' from the mag like i get on my S-12 JTE mag release.
  6. Ak_Rider

    Magazine dropping out after firing

    I recently installed a extended magazine release on my Vepr-12 and since the mag has been dropping out after i shoot a round. I think to fix this i either have to file a little off the rear tang of the mag a or file a little off the top of the my new extended mag release. Right?
  7. Ak_Rider

    Wood Furniture for my Vepr 12?

    So I like the idea of using RPK wood(if i can find it) but I don't care for the buttstock style. Why is it that RPK wood furniture is preferred to customized to fit my Vepr-12 and not any other AK type of wood furniture?
  8. Ak_Rider

    Wood Furniture for my Vepr 12?

    I really do enjoy the look and feel of wood furniture on my Mak-90 and would love to apply that same look and feel to my Vepr-12. Is there a vendor who sells wood furniture for Veper-12s or can i buy a regular wood 7.62x39mm forearm, buttstock, and pistol grip then modify and apply to my Vepr-12? Thank you for your input.
  9. Ak_Rider

    Reverse threads?

    So I've been wanting to put a muzzle brake on my S-.308 for some time now. I bought it used back in 2006 and it came with the pistol grip converted and a flash hider. Ive recently discovered that the threads are reversed for the muzzle attachments. Is this normal for all stock Russian Siagas or was this something some one did before I bought it?
  10. Ak_Rider

    Will the front site of an 1919 work for a Siaga 12?

    But do you think the MKA sight would 'fit' the barrel of the Saiga? Being that there both 12 Gauge. I cant imagine the Mka sight being so too much taller.
  11. I was just wondering this after noticing you can buy an aftermarket front sight for an MKA 1919 on CSS for aboot $30. But for a front site for a Saiga 12 is aboot $100. You would think the 1919 site would fit on the Saiga eh? I already Emailed CSS and they said they didn't know.
  12. Ak_Rider

    Best Muzzel Brake???

    Will the stock threads on my Saiga .308 fit JP Enterprises Bennie Cooley Tactical muzzle brake?
  13. Ak_Rider

    Best Muzzel Brake???

    My barrel is already threaded. Thank you both for the excellent info.
  14. Ak_Rider

    Best Muzzel Brake???

    Any one own a Muzzel Brake? If so is it worth it? SMG sells one for about $150 and Dinzag sells one for about $35.
  15. Ak_Rider

    Polly Choke for S-20??

    Thanks Jess