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  1. Ignition

    MKA-1919 Replacement Barrels

    Does anyone make replacement MKA-1919 Barrels?
  2. Ignition

    Tromix will be discontinuing all MKA parts

    maybe he will come back to it at some point if it makes business sense
  3. Ignition

    Drive Block Failure

    mka1919 beta ;-p
  4. Ignition

    I'm goin for it - cutting off the stock for dummies

    Would most likely be a good demand for that for all the ppl that did cut the stock too far
  5. Ignition

    Goodbye polymer, hello aluminum! My new MKA/TAC-12

    Can I request a lower that has an additional engraving around the safety... that looks like this
  6. Ignition

    Best AR buttstocks for modded MKA?

    I love my Magpul CTR
  7. Ignition

    Factory 10rd Mag problems

    I didnt have a burr on my 10rd mags but i did have to do some filing, but instead of on the catch, i did it around the polymer of the mag, to ensure that the mag wasnt seated tooo low and bring up an issue of a FTF
  8. Ignition

    Slugs vs 6x6 treated lumber...

    where we are going.... we dont need tree bark
  9. Ignition

    mka 1919 lower replacement?

    Receivers cut short will often fail when using the assembly bolt to draw the upper and lower together. If you fully seat the upper and lower together before tightening the bolt, you can alleviate some of the risk in that aspect. Definitely fall into this "boat", my bolt also doesnt line up perfectly with the upper and it has to have some force applied in order for it to work
  10. Ignition

    mka 1919 lower replacement?

    now i really wish i hadnt cut at .600, hasn't happened to me yet though *crossing fingers
  11. Ignition

    Goodbye polymer, hello aluminum! My new MKA/TAC-12

    I believe they are too, but we use and suggest commercial for everything. From what i know, The threads are the same, its the actual tube that is slightly different. So a commercial stock on a milspec tube will be loose and seem flimsy
  12. Ignition

    I'm goin for it - cutting off the stock for dummies

    I used a skill saw at .800 and then just filed it down to .602 (the bolt and the upper have a hard time aligning though it works, not sure if i can fix it much, now that im down to .6) also echoing the point to use blue painters tape to easily identify the NO CUT ZONE
  13. Ignition

    We SOLD our business !

    Awesome! Any critical change in one's life can always be scary but Im sure this will be beneficial to all! (hopefully you can enjoy the profit while we enjoy your parts! government need not meddle)
  14. Ignition

    MKA drum

    i would rather ppl would post a "how-to" if they dont feel like selling the solution and it only take 3 min to complete
  15. Ignition

    MKA drum