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  1. All mags have been used very little. I think I have shot with the 8 rd mag only once. Price is $90 shipped for the factory Izhmash Saiga 12 mag Price is $65 shipped for 3 of the AGP mags. Or $120 shipped for all 6 AGP mags. Or you can buy all mags for $200 shipped.
  2. Just curious. I have no plans to part with it. I have a Tromix S-17 that I shoot maybe once a year. I am not a big shotgun guy but I have always had a Saiga since Cdnn had them for $200.
  3. I tried running some Remington slugger packs through my drum today. I got a few ftf's unfortunately. I wonder if the stronger spring will do the trick. I had it at the factory setting as far as tension. I'd kinda like to not have to mess with adjusting it if possible for different shell types within reason. It has run 100% with low brass birdshot. I I fit it to one Saiga 12 I have. It wasn't locking into the other Saiga I own very well. If you put forward pressure on it while seating it could go in but pretty tight. So after looking at it I decided to do a little more on the A
  4. I've been shooting clays with my drum this weekend. When I miss one I can almost always get it before it hits the ground by sending a barrage of birdshot from my saiga. I wish there was a thrower that would like rapid fire 10 birds like one ever sec or less. That would be awesome and so much fun.
  5. Kicking themselves. I know I would be. I'd honestly feel really stupid. Here's to everyone who jumped ship: J/K I'd like to say thanks though for letting me get a second drum!!
  6. :super: :super: :super: :lolol: :lolol: :lolol: :lolol:
  7. I wonder if Mike is packing all of these by himself or if he has help.
  8. I'd have to say both those comments are pure bullshit IMHO. McCain has always been pro gun and does not support assault weapons being banned (he has said himself he does not support a ban). I really don't like McCain on a lot of issues. The thing is though when he says something you know he means it. He doesn't seem to care who he pisses off really if you look at his history. He is not known for changing his positions on issues like many other politicians (I'm not saying it has never happened). Now right now with the election he is going to try to make as many people happy as he can,
  9. So mike where are we in the order #'s?
  10. I'm one paranoid MF'er about "assault weapon" related items until they are in my hands. I know my drums are on the way........but I still have paranoid delusions some law will be passed before I get mine I don't know why. A good example is I have always wanted a USC/UMP conversion. I spent every extra penny I had this summer to make it happen so I could have it before the next election along with 10 of the 25rd mags that were $65 a pop. When I graduate from dental school this may I am afraid that I may spend some serious coin because of this... I think I may get a shitload of
  11. I thought I would share this info. I asked Mike a question via email. I didn't expect a response really, but I got it in one day: It is because my store uses an order number when ever someone puts an item in their cart wether they complete the order or not. It's dumb and I hate it. I have just over 1100 actual orders placed but my EV order numbers are showing in the 2600's right now. Around 1500 order numbers have been wasted because of that. Not a problem but it causes confusion. Thanks again, MikeD -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re: Production Update 09-
  12. I don't understand. I ordered mine in August 07. I just logged in though and it shows I ordered it in november with a # EV-1074. I thought the first run was for 1000 drums and there were several hundred left when I ordered.
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